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How large are Columbia University's undergraduate classes?

80% of undergraduate classes taught at Columbia have fewer than 20 students. Since Columbia's Core classes are small seminar classes and since more advanced courses are meant to allow direct connection with faculty, few courses at Columbia are... Read more

Does Columbia University have a waitlist?

Columbia places extremely compelling candidates on a waitlist to be considered for admission if spots in the entering class become available. Every year, the number of spots that become available is different.They do not rank their waiting list, and... Read more

How can I register to receive more information about Columbia University?

Students may fill out an information request form. By providing your electronic and home contact information, you will receive email and print information throughout the year.

*Information obtained from Columbia University official website*

What is Columbia University's secondary/high school course requirements for admission?

Columbia CollegeThe College has no explicit number of unit requirements for admission, but applicants must present evidence that they are prepared for college work in the humanities, mathematics, social sciences, foreign languages and natural... Read more

How can I apply to Columbia University?

The answer depends on a number of factors, so pay careful attention to the distinctions below. You should also consult the instructions in the application itself. The distinctions below apply to all candidates as specified, regardless of... Read more

Are Columbia University's admissions requirements different for home-schooled students?

Home-schooled students receive the same evaluation as other Columbia applicants – every application receives the careful attention of several members of the professional admissions staff, and decisions are made only after review by a committee... Read more