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What kind of weather should I expect at Stanford University?

Hello! Visitors at Stanford are often surprised by the area’s mild climate. Protected from the chilly summer coastal fog by the Santa Cruz Mountains to the west, Palo Alto enjoys summer daytime temperatures typically in the 70s and low 80s,... Read more

I am planning a visit to Stanford University. Do I need to let them know that I’m coming?

Stanford has an open campus that you are welcome to explore at your leisure. If you would like to take a guided tour, the reservation process may vary depending on the type of tour that you would like to take. More specific information about each of... Read more

How is the campus like at Stanford University?

The school’s mission-style buildings look outward to the world at large, rather than inward to ivy-covered courtyards. And unlike its Colonial-era predecessors, Stanford—founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford in memory of their son... Read more

What are the popular programs at Stanford University?

Computer science is the most popular major on campus, followed by human biology; engineering; and science, technology, and society.

How diverse is the student body at Stanford University?

Thirty-six percent are from California, while international students represent 9 percent of the student population. Minority enrollment is well above average, with Asian Americans accounting for 20 percent of the student body, Hispanics 15 percent,... Read more

Do students mostly live on-campus at Stanford University?

93 percent of students stay on campus, in part because of the lack of affordable offcampus options in the extraordinarily expensive Silicon Valley. As students gain seniority, a lottery system decides where they’ll live.  The... Read more