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School Overview

    • Founded:
    • 1946
    • Size:
    • Large (>15,000 students)
    • Type:
    • Public
    • Category:
    • Universities, colleges
    • Specialization:
    • N/A
    • Climate:
    • Temperate
    • Location:
    • 10 East Road, Acton, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2600
    • Phone:
    • +61261255111
    • Email Address:
    • N/A
    • Setting:
    • Urban

The History of Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is a national research university located in Canberra. It is the only university to have been created by the Parliament of Australia. Its main campus in Acton encompasses seven teaching and research colleges, in addition to several national academies and institutes. Australian National University (ANU) is particularly well known for its programmed in the arts and social sciences, and ranks among the best in the world for a number of disciplines including politics and international relations, social policy, and geography. Australian National University (ANU) counts six Nobel laureates and 49 Rhodes scholars among its faculty and alumni. The university has educated two prime ministers, 30 current Australian ambassadors, and more than a dozen current heads of Government departments of Australia.

Academic Highlights

Australian National University offers Arts and Social Sciences; Asia and the Pacific;  Business and Economics; Engineering and Computer Science; Law, Medicine, Biology and Environment; Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Life in Australian National University

Australian National University Students' Association (ANUSA) is the student's union of the Australian National University and represents undergraduate and ANU College students, while the Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA) represents postgraduates. The Australian National University Union manages catering and retail outlets and function amenities on behalf of all students.

School Ranking

Australian National University (103) appears to be ranked seventh in Australia. Australian National University was ranked =29th in the world (first in Australia) by the 2020 QS World University Rankings, and 50th in the world (second in Australia) by the 2020 Times Higher Education. Australian National UNiversity  was named the world's seventh (first in Australia) most international university in a 2017 study by Times Higher Education. In the 2015 Times Higher Education Global Employability University Ranking, an annual ranking of university graduates' employability, Australia National University was ranked 32nd in the world (first in Australia). Australian National University was ranked 100th in the world (first in Australia) in the CWTS Leiden ranking. In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, Australian National University was ranked sixth in the world for politics, eighth in the world for social policy and administration, tenth in the world for arts and humanities, thirteenth in the world for archaeology and fourteenth in the world for history. Students entering Australian National University in 2013 had a median Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of 93, the equal-highest among Australian universities.


  • Doctor of Philosophy   
  • Master of Philosophy                           
  • Master of Professional Psychology         
  • Master of Clinical Psychology          

Notable Alumni                                                                                                                   

Notable past faculty include Mark Oliphant, Keith Hancock, Manning Clark, Derek Freeman, H. C. Coombs, Gareth Evans, John Crawford, Hedley Bull, Frank Fenner, C. P. Fitzgerald, Pierre Ryckmans, A. L. Basham, Bernhard Neumann, and former Indonesian Vice-President Boediono. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to former ANU Chancellor Howard Florey and faculty members John Eccles, John Harsanyi, Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Peter Doherty and Brian Schmidt. Notable present scholars include Hilary Charlesworth, Ian McAllister, Hugh White, Warwick McKibbin, Keith Dowding, Amin Saikal and Jeremy Shearmur. ANU alumni are often visible in government. Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Ministers, attended the university, as did senior politicians Annastacia Palaszczuk, Barry O'Farrell, Nick Minchin, Kim Beazley Sr, Peter Garrett, Craig Emerson, Stephen Conroy, Gary Gray, Warren Snowdon, Joe Ludwig and Catherine King and Michael Keenan. 

Acceptance Rate

Australian National University. If you look at the official university website, they do not have the acceptance rate published. However, we can estimate from the various forum such as reddit and quora the acceptance rate. The estimated acceptance rate is 35%. This might sound high for such a prestigious university, but they do accept a lot of international students. In fact, around half of the student body are international students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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