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School Overview

    • Founded:
    • 1975
    • Size:
    • Small (<5000 students)
    • Type:
    • Private for-profit
    • Category:
    • Universities, colleges
    • Specialization:
    • Psychology School 1
    • Climate:
    • Arid
    • Location:
    • 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, California, United States, 94303
    • Phone:
    • +16504934430
    • Email Address:
    • N/A
    • Setting:
    • Urban

Sofia University, home of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, was founded in 1975 by Dr. Robert Frager in response to the growing need for a shift in the pedagogy of higher learning.

Sofia University is a passionate, dynamic learning community that fosters multiple ways of knowing. We are dedicated to academic excellence with a shared commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, cultural humility, ecological stewardship, and service to others. Our curricula focus in six areas of inquiry: the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and creative aspects of life.

Sofia University offers a variety of innovative graduate degree programs with a choice of delivery modalities for students on-campus and online. It is comprised of four schools - the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, the School of Technology and Engineering, the School of Business, and the School of Transformative Education. The school has broadened to include studies in computer science, including artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, big data and software design; applying transpersonal principles to real-world disciplines

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