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School Overview

    • Founded:
    • 1961
    • Size:
    • Medium (5000~15,000 students)
    • Type:
    • Private for-profit
    • Category:
    • Vocational,pre-U,lifelong learning
    • Specialization:
    • N/A
    • Climate:
    • Cold (Continental)
    • Location:
    • 1500-910 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • Phone:
    • +18006704512
    • Email Address:
    • N/A
    • Setting:
    • Urban

The History of Reeves College

Reeves College was founded in 1961 in Lloydminster, Alberta by C.J. Reeves. Reeves developed secretarial programs based on his experiences as a secretary and instructor. Programs were designed to train the whole individual. Therefore, key curriculum elements included practical skill development (typing, dictation, etc.) as well as professionalism and personal deportment. The college quickly gained a reputation for cultivating knowledgeable business office professionals as local businesses began hiring Reeves College graduates.

In 2003, the Eminata Group purchased Reeves College and introduced health care career programs. In 2004, Reeves College opened a campus in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. The Calgary campus opened in 2006. In 2008, the college opened a second campus in Calgary and a campus in Lethbridge

Academic Highlights

The college specializes in training students for business, art and design, legal and health care related careers in under two years. Programs are developed in direct consultation with the business and health care communities to satisfy industry demands for certain skill sets. The college continuously accepts applications for enrolment in the next session of each certified career program.

Life in Reeves College

Reeves College will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make a difference in the classroom and other educational settings. You'll learn everything you need to know to build a career supporting the development of children and youth.

School Ranking

World rank 17334


Two letters of recommendation, a professional reference and an academic reference. TOEFL score of 530; or a score of at least 85 on the University of Michigan English Placement Test (administered by Reeves College)

Notable Alumni

Trish Mckay - paralegal. Aimee Deneve - Accounting and Payroll administration

Acceptance Rate

Other Campuses
    • 103-5704 44th Street, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
    • 110 601 4th Avenue S, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    • 111-2323 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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