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Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies 

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The Urban Studies major draws on the insights and approaches of a range of disciplines, including sociology, geography and environmental science, political science, anthropology, economics and history. The programme takes full advantage of our location and offers field-based learning opportunities in Singapore and other parts of Asia. Students may choose courses that offer breadth, or construct a pathway with a social science, humanities or environmental emphasis.

Students who major in Urban Studies may go on to pursue careers in the corporate sector, the civil service, the academy, and non-for-profit organisations. Urban Studies is well suited to those with interests in public policy, development, advocacy, real estate and facilities management, planning and architecture, journalism, or social and community work. Students who complete majors in Urban Studies are well prepared for graduate school, both in terms of academic and professional programmes. Urban Studies students would be well prepared for higher degree programmes in anthropology, sociology, development studies, human geography, environmental studies and, of course, urban studies. They would also be prepared for professional higher degree training in architecture, planning, social work, international and community development, and public policy.

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Tuition Fees and Cost of Living
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Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies -
per year
Items Average Min Max
Total Living Cost $4.3k
per month
Food $181
per month
Transportation $45
per month
Accommodation $2.5k
per month
Entertainment $82
per month
Others $140
per month
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