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Singapore Management University

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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Systems 

This program is available:
  • Full Time, average duration 3 to 4 years
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Field of Study

Information Technology

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School of Information Systems

About Program

As disruptive computing and information technologies take over more aspects of business and our lives, there is a dire need for more skilled talent to manage and take on the many new roles that were not previously available. It’s easy then to see why this is such a highly sought after qualification. 

As a BSc (IS) student, you will have a choice of 2 majors:

  • Information Systems

This major prepares you with the capabilities to create value for business and society by developing innovative IT solutions. It gives you the flexibility to acquire either deep technical skills or a healthy balance of technical and business skills. The programme offers six tracks in – financial technology, business analytics, digital business solutions, software development, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

  • Smart-City Management and Technology

This major is a unique interdisciplinary programme which aims to develop your skills in integrating technology, social science, and management to address challenges and reap opportunities that arise from the transformation of global and national trends towards smart cities. The curriculum equips you with data analytics and technological skills, as well as the ability to apply evidence-based reasoning to policy, economic and social implications of IT innovations.

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