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When comparing the business programme in University of Toronto and National University of Singapore, which is better?

Rank wise, both are similar;Both are in big cities but University of Toronto has an advantage with its immigration/work permit scheme; National University of Singapore's BA programme is well structured and is quite well known while... Read more

In terms of ranking, is National University of Singapore a better school as compared to Nanyang Technological University?

In terms of academic and employer evaluation rankings, National University of Singapore ranked higher than the Nanyang Technological University. However, in the other four individual rankings, Nanyang Technological University rank is much higher... Read more

What are National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University's latest rankings?

National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked 15 overall in the QS2018 World University Rankings, among which it's Academic Evaluation Ranking and Employer Evaluation Ranking both are 11th. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)'s 2018... Read more

What are National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University's respective popular programs?

National University of Singapore enjoys a worldwide reputation for research in the fields of engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences and natural sciences, while Nanyang Technological University has made significant achievements... Read more

Must I have GRE results to apply for Singapore's NUS and NTU?

Yes, you need GRE. Although NTU has a TPT test that can substitute GRE, I recommend you to go take GRE first to prevent any unnecessary trouble or inconveniences that may arise. 

I have applied to NUS this year and was accepted. However, I intend to reapply for NTU next year. How do I go about this?

Students, regardless of nationality, should apply under one of the following groups that correspond to their high school qualifications.However, it is advisable that you accept your offer at NUS while waiting for the outcome of your application to... Read more