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Naval Postgraduate School

School Overview

    • Founded:
    • 1909
    • Size:
    • Small (<5000 students)
    • Type:
    • Public
    • Category:
    • Universities, colleges
      Military, federal
    • Specialization:
    • Navy 1
    • Climate:
    • Temperate
    • Location:
    • 1 University Circle, Monterey, California, United States, 93943
    • Phone:
    • +18316562442
    • Email Address:
    • N/A
    • Setting:
    • Urban

The History of Naval Postgraduate School

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is a graduate school operated by the United States Navy. Located in Monterey, California, it grants master's degrees, engineer's degrees and doctoral degrees. Established in 1909, the school also offers research fellowship opportunities at the postdoctoral level through the National Academies' National Research Council research associateship program 

The mission of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is to provide relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase the combat effectiveness of commissioned officers of the Naval Service to enhance the security of the United States. In support of the foregoing, and to sustain academic excellence, NPS and the DON foster and encourage a program of relevant and meritorious research which both supports the needs of Navy and Department of Defense while building the intellectual capital of Naval Postgraduate School faculty.

The (NPS) student population is mostly active-duty officers from all branches of the U.S. military, although U.S. Government civilians and members of foreign militaries can also matriculate under a variety of programs. Most of the faculty are civilians.

NPS concentrates on technical areas that are of interest to the navy whereas staff colleges and war colleges focus on staff functions, civil-military affairs, tactics and strategy.

Academic Highlights

(NPS) offers graduate programs through four graduate schools and twelve departments. The different schools and departments offer various PhD and M.S.-level degrees:

  • Graduate School of Business & Public Policy includes the academic groups:
  1. Acquisition Management
  2. Enterprise Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Management
  5. Manpower and Economics
  6. Operations and Logistics Management

Life in Naval Postgraduate School

The university also collaborated with its peer institutions within the Navy, establishing the Education Security Operations Center (EDUSOC)to advance cyber security within NPS, the Naval Academy and the Naval War College, where the institutions’ respective missions require them to be on a commercial .EDU network. The EDUSOC was chartered to assist in the prevention, detection, containment and eradication of cyber threats through active monitoring, detection and persistent security solutions applied to all information systems within the member institutions of the Navy Higher Education Information Technology Consortium.

School Ranking

Naval Postgraduate School world rank 1407


Application packages must include a letter from employer stating their willingness to pay the tuition for the program and supply salary and benefits during your time as a student.

Notable Alumni

  • Earl E. Stone - class of '24 - First Director of Armed Forces Security Agency
  • Areigh Burke - class of '30 - Chief of Naval Operations
  • Joseph Weber - class of '44 or '45 - Regarded as the "Father of Gravitational Wave Detection"
  • David B. Hertz - class of '44 - Operations researcher; a pioneer of Monte Carlo methods in finance
  • Wayne E. Meyer - class of '55 – Regarded as the "Father of Aegis"
  • John H. Miller - class of '57 - Marine Corps Lieutenant general

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