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How much is the tuition fee and what is the admission requirement of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)'s Master of Science in Information Technology?

It's 120,000 HKD for a 1.5-year program and the application period starts from November. As for admission requirement, it is as follows: 

  • IELTS score of 6
  • TOEFL score of 80

How is the environment and facilities in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) like?

The location of the school is in the core center of Hong Kong so it's convenient to go anywhere. The school also often have celebrities visiting, like one time back in August 2015, NBA star Durant visited quietly and many students were sad that... Read more

What are the job options for a student graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Multimedia and Entertainment (MET) program?

There are lots of job opportunities out there. You can be a product manager, or you can also continue on with your field of your Bachelor's degree. I know of some who continued on with their banking background. You can also be an entrepreneur.... Read more

Are the classes in Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Multimedia and Entertainment (MET) program hard to understand?

At the start it may take some getting used to as all the classes are conducted in English. You just need to listen attentively to what the teachers teach, take notes and that should be the way to go. Some of the teachers have more obvious accents... Read more

In Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Multimedia and Entertainment (MET) program, can I change streams even after I've chosen one?

In actual fact, you can choose any stream you like within the MET program. For example, if you're from the social track, you can apply to change to psychology track. However, I personally do not recommend doing so as you can choose classes from... Read more

I am a prospective student of Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Multimedia and Entertainment (MET) programme. Should I look for an accommodation with a fellow student taking the same program?

Pros and cons of living with friends of the same programme:You probably have to do everything with him/her. Going to classes together, doing homework together, having meals together, going home after classes together, having extra-curricular... Read more