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How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace


As modern industries constantly develop and become more fluid or flexible career-wise, we must look for ways to upskill ourselves both in and outside the workplace.

According to a 2020 research study by TalentLMS, Training Journal, and Workable, statistics show that upskilling and reskilling remarkably improves productivity at work, boosts employees’ morale and confidence, and generally affects employee and company growth positively. Upskilling, therefore, can provide you with more room for professional and personal development.

And as the world faces a global crisis (the COVID-19 pandemic) and it might feel like there are too much uncertainties in the horizon, you can still work on making progress in advancing your career growth by upskilling as you prepare for the next things to come.

Here are 7 simple ways to do that:

1. Work on your Soft Skills

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

Soft skills encompass various attributes that aren’t exclusive to learning by the book. This includes people/social and communications skills, character and personality, social and emotional intelligence, and other necessary career attributes that can basically help you work well around people in varying workplace environments all the while letting your improve your own professional and personal virtues.

Overall, your soft skills can help you become more adaptable to various types of workplaces, changing social groups, and any kind of challenge or pressure that may come in your career.

Fortunately, if you’re having trouble with your soft skills, you can improve them through various ways.

  1. In improving your social and communication skills, participate in team-based activities at work as much as you can. Train with your colleagues and build strong relationships with them. Overall, this can develop your socio-emotional intelligence as well.
  2. To enhance your leadership skills, you can approach your superiors and ask them to mentor you or let you shadow for them and learn as much as possible from them in the process. They are your superiors for a good reason.
  3. Be better at stress management by learning how to work through your burnouts and giving yourself a break from time to time.
  4. Always find a way to work innovatively. This can help you think more creatively and help you work through complex problems that requires thinking outside the box.

2. Master one or two related skillsets at a time

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

While learning everything in one go seems ideal, you may miss some of the essentials to really become proficient at a skill when taking shortcuts.

So mastering just one or two related skillsets at a time can help you understand them more in an in-depth manner, making sure that you get to pick up the most important aspects of learning them. This can also keep you less overwhelmed while you’re in the process of upskilling and let you focus intensively in one or two areas before moving on to the next.

In the context of a competitive workplace, becoming good at one specific skillset can help you become more noticeable and remarkable from the competition. And it can help you get more niche and secure your own position in the company or industry.

3. Take online short courses and earn formal certifications

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

Online short courses nowadays encompass comprehensive lessons and trainings on a broad spectrum of fields. There are over thousands of courses offered by various leading educational institutions that are virtually accessible at present. Learning intensively in short-term or flexible arrangements can help you upskill more efficiently too.

So take advantage of its availability and learn as much as you can in your own pace.

A lot of these courses are free, but you can also invest a little for a formal certification that can boost your credentials and ultimately help you in your career growth.

4. Learn and improve your computer and programming skills

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

Computer and programming skills are now needed in various tech-driven companies because of the advantages of technology in growing businesses. This makes this skillset an essential and crucial aspect in modern industries and most in-demand jobs as of today.

There are various online short courses offering formal computer and programming diplomas which can train you basic and advanced lessons on different topics under the field. Earning a few of certifications can help you work on one of the most in-demand skills in the global market at present and give you a better shot at advancing your career as well.

5. Invest on networking

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

Career networking is one of the most strategic techniques people use in different types of workplaces. Business relations help people expand their groups and consequently available opportunities for professional growth. At the same time, it also helps businesses and industries broaden their networks and business scope for their own growth.

When upskilling, networking can help you learn things from first-hand accounts and stories from experienced people. So try your best to invest valuable time, effort, and resources in networking in any way you can. In a world where technology is prominent, online networking through social media sites can be more practical and efficient.

6. Decluttering

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

Too much clutter in your desk or general surroundings can distract you and let you lose concentration while you’re working.

Cleaning up from time to time can help you feel a sense of clean and blank slate where you can freely work more comfortably. Decluttering can also help you free your mind from distractions and let you focus while you work on learning or improving your skills.

Use a few extra hours in a week to clean up your work space, organize your desk and drawers, put labels in your documents, and make or revise your calendar system. You’ll be surprised by how much this can help you!

7. Boost your productivity

How to Upskill Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Upskill In and Outside the Workplace

So much to do in too little time?

You can use a lot of productivity tools and techniques to boost your pace and productivity. Download time-tracking and calendar programs to help you divide your available time while making sure you get to finish everything in the time span you set for yourself. Notepad and to-do applications can help you jot down checklists and important notes that you might not want to miss.

A lot of these programs are also available in cross-platforms where you can use and access them from all your devices which makes them even more useful and reliable.

Being as productive as you can in every task you have can let you focus better at a single task all the while assuring you make a good output quality. And at the same time, distributing your work in increments can leave you enough room to pursue other tasks, therefore, making the most of your time in a rather fast-paced world.

When upskilling, this can help you with your time management and stress management skills as well.

Try these out and have a great time upskilling!

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