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5 Alternative Career Paths for Mid-life Career Changers


Staying in one career lane seems like a childhood dream. As six-year-olds, we had big aspirations.

We set our minds to becoming doctors, engineers, or world-class chefs thinking the path is straight. But we learn more as we grow old and we grow up (yep, there’s a big difference). And our interests, goals, values, and principles change as well---even for people in their middle ages who have been staying in one career path for years already.

Most people change career paths at least at one point in their lives. As a matter of fact, according to the 2019 survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people change careers 12 times at average. And that’s okay!

Changing careers only means that we want personal and professional development. Or that we want to know and experience new interesting things. Or we simply want to make the most out of our careers and lives other than being part of the majority who follow a linear or static norm.

Shifting one’s career require extensive decision-making, concrete actions plans, and a tremendous amount of financial and mental investment. But this only means that career changers are resilient and determined risk-takers.

Still, changing lanes midway your present career isn’t easy as well and the process could be overwhelming.

**Now we have made a quick guide on how to Successfully Change Your Career Through 7 Simple Steps (link to other article on career change). But in this post, we’ll help you out a little bit on one specific aspect of your career change: the different alternative career paths you can pursue as you change your career.

If you’re not quite sure where to go to as you shift career lanes, don’t worry because there are a lot of opportunities out there. And we’ve laid a few of them here for you based on various findings and statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US News Best Jobs Rankings, and US News Interviews and Research.

1. Software Developer (Information Technology)

5 Alternative Career Paths for Mid-life Career Changers

The tech industry is one of the most leading industries across the world today. Since technology constantly evolves, its role in the global market expands as well. This creates a room full of opportunities under tech-driven careers such as software development. If you want to get back on track immediately, pursuing in-demand jobs like most tech jobs can help you out on this.

Software developers assess a user’s needs and use this assessment to create or improve customers’ software experience. They have great mathematical aptitude, problem-solving skills, accuracy, attention to detail, expertise in various programming languages, and they are generally innovative.

If you’re not that familiar about the field, hundreds of free and paid online tech courses are virtually available because of its popularity in different industries. You can enroll to these classes, earn certifications and/or diplomas, and, of course, earn extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise needed in the job.

2. SEO Specialist (Marketing)

5 Alternative Career Paths for Mid-life Career Changers

Technology has made marketing so much easier and it is widely used in different marketing operations as of today---one of which is SEO roles.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) Specialists have great expertise in marketing. They work primarily and specifically on evaluating online content and relevant keywords needed to boost the frequency of search results for a particular article or any kind of virtual post.

SEO specialists make sure that their client’s virtual content keeps floating and stays visible from an ocean of content available these days.

A lot of online certifications are offered by different educational institutions too as this job is in-demand and pretty popular these days. This can help you get a job back immediately if you prefer a faster pace.

3. Recruiter (Human Resources)

5 Alternative Career Paths for Mid-life Career Changers

Recruiters, as the name already suggests, work with human resources in filling in vacant job positions that can optimize the workplace. They must, therefore, have great ‘people skills’ because they will be primarily assessing and evaluating prospect employees who will work under the company.

And since you’ve earned enough experience from your past job(s), you’ll have a more comprehensive and hands-on grasp on basically everything that goes around various workplaces. Just take a few online short courses on HR or general management to learn more things by the book and give a little boost to your credentials.

Your prior work experience coupled with formal certifications can pretty much qualify you for any entry to mid-level recruiter position in a company.

4. Social Media Manager or Digital Marketer (Business and Marketing)

5 Alternative Career Paths for Mid-life Career Changers

Social media is undeniably an important and remarkable aspect of people’s lives. Because of its wide-scale scope, it is now a prominent tool used in various industries as well, particularly in business and marketing. This is where social media managers come in.

Social media managers and digital marketers are generally in charge of representing their company in the company’s own website or in different social media sites (such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest) to create and enhance their company’s online presence or publicity. And since social media can reach anyone across the globe, this leaves a vast space for far-reaching networks that can help businesses grow further.

Fortunately, the availability and accessibility of social media nowadays can make it a little bit easier for you to learn more about it. And while you do that, you can also take up various online courses on marketing at the same time. Gaining hands-on expertise and good foundational knowledge on marketing can boost your resume and help you land a job on tech-driven marketing and business industries easier.

5. Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Audit Clerk (Accounting and Finance)

5 Alternative Career Paths for Mid-life Career Changers

Bookkeepers, accountants, and audit clerks generally manage and oversee the financial books of a company. They are responsible in keeping track of daily accounting activities and financial transactions within the business and they analyze the overall economic stability of the company that can guide managers and other employees in making budget and investment decisions.

Of course, they must be adept at mathematical and statistical techniques along with problem-solving skills. But they must also be service-oriented since the nature of their work primarily hinge on people business and customer service.

They are also expected to have great knowledge on the global industry and must be proficient in information technology since modern technological tools are now widely-used in accounting and finance operations.

Modern industries across the globe becomes more fluid by the day. As long as you continue earning the knowledge and skillsets you can gain in one career, you’ll have more alternative career paths available in your next career shift.

So just sit tight and don’t be overwhelmed. Learn as much as you can in every career path you choose and enjoy the process!

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