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7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020


Nowadays, advanced degrees are considered one of the most ideal choices that learners and professionals can pursue to gain a competitive edge in the workplace. For those with a job, online certifications and diploma programs are your way to go. They are cost-effective, flexible, yet still provide both an intensive and extensive grasp on the course. Especially in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, they are your best choices if you still want to continue pursuing education during this period.

In this post, let’s take a look at the 7 free online courses with certifications and diplomas that can help you in your academic and career plans.

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (by Google Digital Garage)

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

Digital marketing has undeniably made significant changes and contributions to various global industries. It has made business enterprises flourish in a virtual scale, reaching networks far beyond the limit of physical contact.

Through the free digital marketing course by Google Digital Garage, you will be mastering the basics of digital marketing in over 26 comprehensive modules, amounting to 40-hours online sessions.

Course materials include self-paced learning, video tutorials, unlimited access to the lessons, and a recognized certification by passing a 40-questions final exam issued by Google itself, a well-known multinational search engine company that can definitely boost your resume.

2. Content Marketing: What it is and How to do it (by HubSpot)

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

In virtual and technology-driven marketing enterprises, creating and optimizing content is a crucial part in effectively growing a business. That is why it’s important to have both an in-depth and broad knowledge on content marketing. And this free certification course from HubSpot Academy can help you with that.

You will be learning how to creating consistent and effective content ideal for search engine optimizations (SEO) and become a better and more strategic content creator.

The course consists of 14 lessons with a certificate provided after completing a total of 6 hours on the program.

3. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization (by University of Michigan)

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

Often related to data analytics, big data, and data mining, applied data science uses an interdisciplinary and a more hands-on approach to understanding structured and unstructured data. The field uses various scientific methods, techniques, processes, algorithms, and systems to interpret data that can be used to improve one’s business prospects.

This online course specializes in utilizing Python, a coding language used in programming and software development. It comprehends data and uses a more practical approach of data science. Here, you will learn how to conduct inferential statistical analyses, create good data visualization, analyze the connectivity of data networks, and enhance data analysis through applied machine learning.

Other course features include flexibility offered by virtual learning, conducting hands-on projects, a total of 5 courses to be completed in your own pace, and a certificate upon completion of the program.

4. AI for Everyone (by

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

As modernization grows, so as the expansion of tech-driven companies. Throughout the history of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has played a significant role in defining what smart machines are and has helped science grows as a discipline and an industry. Today, AI-related careers are in-demand and opportunities within the field continue to flourish.

This online course, AI for Everyone, is designed for everyone who is interested in pursuing a professional path in the field.

You will be learning about common AI terminologies, concepts, strategies, and applications. Data science and machine learning projects will also be conducted from time to time as you work with a team. Interesting discussions on the ethical and societal implications behind the development of AI will also be touched upon.

The program is self-paced and will take approximately a total of 6 months to complete. A certificate of completion will be provided upon the finishing of the program.

5. Excel Skills for Business Specialization (by MacQuarie University)

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

Microsoft Excel is considered user-friendly and is useful in performing data analytical tasks such as organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data.

This course, on the basic level, will teach you how to use formulas, functions, computations, and properly present spreadsheets of complex data, ultimately transforming raw numbers to crucial information that can be used as business solutions. The course also offers applied learning projects that can properly train students in real-time business contexts.

The program can be completed at approximately 6 months with a suggested 3-hours session a week. However, you can propose flexible deadlines according to your own schedule and preferences. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.

6. Coding for Designers (by Open edX)

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

Properly designed and optimized websites can largely define a business’ brand. Thus, learning about proper coding and designing is important in portraying a good business website.

Coding for Designers is a course designed for experienced graphic designers who wants to broaden their knowledge and skillset on web coding. It will ultimately help them use their designing expertise in web programming. Bloggers who want to learn how to code their website content are also encouraged to enroll.

This course particularly focuses on the dynamics between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript techniques needed in web design. Other activities include prototyping designs into working web pages and troubleshooting layout and code problems. All of these materials are categorized and distributed in 6 intensive lessons.

7. Principles of Marketing (by Academy)

7 Free Online Courses with Certifications for 2020

For a more theoretical learning mode, this course on Principles of Marketing is your best choice. The course contains a wide range of topics that are necessary to thoroughly understand marketing principles. In a more practical level, these concepts, theories, and principles will aid learners in marketing decisions that can improve the marketing aspect of a business.

The course consists of 6 modules that provide all-inclusive discussions on segmenting, targeting, and positioning techniques for marketers, marketing research, supply chains, pricing, distribution, promotion, and launching marketing campaigns.

The course can be completed in 82 hours and a certificate of completion will be issued upon passing the course’s final exam.

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