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Masters in Artificial Intelligence You Can Take in the Top 3 Singapore Universities


Modernization and technological innovation have made remarkable contributions to various global industries and, ultimately, improvement in our own lives.

A great aspect of the growth of tech industries comes from the efforts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The field is constantly researching, building and developing effective smart machines usable in various industries. Throughout its course of history, it’s development has branched out to several sub-disciplines that focus on specific areas of AI.

Artificial intelligence as an entity is undeniably a comprehensive and interesting field of study. If you were to pursue an academic and eventually, a professional path under the field, you may stumble upon exciting and fulfilling experiences in your AI career.

If you are already are a degree holder, pursuing a master degree in artificial intelligence will help you tackle a more in-depth perspective on the subject. As areas of specialization under AI continue to grow, there are more and more subfield choices available that you can choose from based on your own preferences and credentials, such as your academic or professional background.

And if you are to take your master’s degree in a progressive country such as Singapore, you will definitely stand a higher chance in getting the competitive edge you need to build your AI career.

Let’s check out some Master’s Degrees in Artificial Intelligence you can take in the top Singapore universities.


Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) – Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Masters in Artificial Intelligence You Can Take in the Top 3 Singapore Universities


NTU’S MSAI degree program is created for students and professionals who aim to widen their knowledge and skills in developing, designing, and implementing AI systems both intensively (more in-depth discussions on certain subject matters) and extensively (offering a more comprehensive grasp on AI through a multi-disciplinary approach in learning). Students will also be able to have a better and deeper understanding in project management and policy making involved in the field.

The MSAI program primarily focuses on AI theory and AI tools and techniques, creating a great balance between theory and practice and thereby allowing students to improve their competencies in a wide range of AI aspects.

The core courses include machine learning and deep learning because they are both the core subfields under AI. Electives, on the other hand, include a wide range of other areas of specializations in the growing field.

Program Structure and Course Content

The master degree is a comprehensive program that can be taken either in a one-year full-time or two-year part-time coursework with a total of 30 academic units (AUs) for 3 AUs per course.

To give you an idea on the subjects you will be taking under the program, here are the subjects for your references:

Core Courses

Introduction to AI and AI Ethics

Machine Learning: Methodologies and Applications

Deep Learning and Applications

Mathematics for AI

Bridging Courses

Python Programming


Computer Vision

Text Data Management and Processing

Time Series Analysis

Neuro Evolution and Fuzzy Intelligence

Multi-Agent System

Advanced Computer Vision

Deep Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

Urban Computing

AI Master Project


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Master of Computing (Artificial Intelligence Specialization) – National University of Singapore (NUS)

Masters in Artificial Intelligence You Can Take in the Top 3 Singapore Universities


NUS’ AI program is a specialization under their Master of Computing degree. It heavily emphasizes on the role of Information Technology (IT) in today’s global industries. Due to the rapid advances made in various AI institutions across the world, the program aims to equip students with the talent and expertise that can correspond to the growing demands.

The university’s master’s degree offers 5 advantages that students can use to boost their career in the field:

(1) depth and breadth on the program’s course content;

(2) award winning teachers, world class researchers, and industry leaders;

(3) entrepreneurship;

(4) NUS career services and global alumni network to expand your professional connections; and

(5) multiple pathways through the program’s flexibility that accommodate with each student’s unique needs.


Program Structure and Modules

The program’s coursework consists of a total of 10 modules with 5 AI elective modules:

(1) Neural Networks and Deep Learning;

(2) AI Planning and Decision Making;

(3) Theory and Algorithms for Machine Learning;

(4) Uncertainty Modelling in AI; and

(5) Intelligent System Deployment.

The master’s degree can be completed in either a full-time or part time basis within 1 to 3 years depending on your own speed.

Master of Information Technology in Business (MITB) Artificial Intelligence Track – Singapore Management University (SMU)

Masters in Artificial Intelligence You Can Take in the Top 3 Singapore Universities


SMU’S MITB program combines fundamental theory and practice behind data analytics, technological platforms and business strategies to help students build their career amidst the ever-growing and technology-driven global industries. The program has 3 specific tracks that students can choose from, including:

(1) Analytics,

(2) Financial Technology & Analytics, and

(3) Artificial Intelligence.

The AI track primarily emphasizes on the role of artificial intelligence in the business world as of today.  It aims to train students to address major challenges currently present in the industry and ultimately create viable business solutions through the application of AI concepts and practices.

Overall, the program ensures its students:

(1) high graduate employability,

(2) a constantly evolving curriculum relevant to present circumstances,

(3) world-class faculty and industry practitioners,

(4) networking opportunities, and

(5) internships and capstone projects.


Program Structure

The program can be taken in a full-time basis for 1 to 2 years or in a part-time pace for 2 to 4 years. You can learn more about the university’s academic calendar here.

Choosing an AI program and university is just your first step towards building your career under the field. With smart and careful preparations, they can significantly change your academic and professional experience.

Take time in weighing your choices and enjoy the learning process that comes along the way. Good luck!

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