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5 Big Data Analytics Short Courses in Singapore


The importance of massive data has been in the spotlight for many years across various industries. Gathering complex data and analyzing them has helped businesses better understand their own systems and improve them accordingly.

Unknown to many, data can provide more than the tip of the iceberg, providing us with new perspectives that can improve our decisions, and conclusively, our desired outcomes. If data isn’t appropriately assessed and analyzed, we will miss out on opportunities that could have improved the business operation, and its overall financial state.

With these said, the role of data analytics in global industries certainly lays out significant lenses for betterment and improvement. With the scale of real-world applications and the shortage of talent in the field, there are countless opportunities that may just be your chance for the competitive edge you need for your career.

If you’re up for it, here are 5 Big Data Analytics short courses you can pursue in Singapore. 


1. Data Analytics at Work – Singapore Management University (SMU)

5 Big Data Analytics Short Courses in Singapore

SMU’s Data Analytics at Work program provides simple but solid ways to learn and work with data. This is a basic level course particularly designed to analyze data for business solutions using Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program widely known and used in data-driven industries. The platform’s simplicity makes it easy for students, even beginners in big data analytics, to gain foundational knowledge and skills required in the field.

Through Excel, students will learn how to import data from various sources, merge data, organize data for visual presentation, and analyze them to gain insights for decision-making in the business paradigm.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Structure, clean, validate, and mine large datasets.
  2. Prepare classic horizontal-vertical financial statement analyses.
  3. Apply graphical and statistical analytics tools to reveal patterns, signals, and meanings in the data.
  4. Produce robust project finance analyses (including NPV and RoI).
  5. Build simple models to forecast trends.
  6. Create dashboards and geospatial presentations within MS Excel to aid communication.

There will be an assessment at the end of the program as it is part of the Skillsfuture Singapore funding. Students who can satisfactorily complete the program will receive a Certificate of Participation issued by SMU.


2. Big Data Analytics Course Training – Knowledge Hut

5 Big Data Analytics Short Courses in Singapore

This course is an intensive 30-hour live training program. It mainly focuses on hands-on training and exercises, practical applications, and case studies involved in processing, gathering, managing, and analyzing massive data for information that can provide business solutions.

A certificate will be given to students upon completion of the course. The program is useful for working professionals looing to gain a competitive edge in big data analytics.

Course content includes:

  1. Understanding the Fundamentals: learning the basics of Apache Hadoop, data ETL, ingestion, and processing Hadoop tools.
  2. Learning Pig Framework: how to join multiple data sets and analyze disparate data using Pig Framework.
  3. Hive Framework: how to organize data into tables, perform transformations, and simplify complex queries using Hive.
  4. Performing Real-time Analysis: perform real-time interactive analyses on huge data sets stored in HDFS using SQL with Impala.
  5. Choosing the best tool: pick the best tool in Hadoop, achieve interoperability, and manage repetitive workflows.

Students will also work on 4 real-time projects with Hadoop Ecosystem as part of the course.

Check out more short courses on data analytics from Knowledge Hut here.


3. Hadoop and Big Data Analytics Course – Inspizone

5 Big Data Analytics Short Courses in Singapore

This course aims to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge required for a better understanding on big data analytics. Using Hadoop, students will learn how to:

  1. Analyze data using Pig, Hive and YARN.
  2. Configure Hadoop distributed file systems (HDFS) perform processing.
  3. Use Map Reduce Apache Hive, a tool that can reflect useful information that business enterprises can use to plan their operations effectively by processing, structuring and optimizing data.
  4. Use HUE, the Hadoop user interface, to leverage HiveQL when analyzing data.

The course module includes both basics and practical applications of big data analytics that can provide you with extensive knowledge on the field:



Module 1: Big Data Basics

Understanding Hadoop fundamentals

Introduction to Pig

Basic data analysis with Pig

Processing Complex data with Pig

Multi Dataset operations with Pig

Module 2: Optimizing Data

Pig troubleshooting and Optimization

Introduction to Hive and Impala

Quering with Hive and Impala

Data Management

Data Storage and Performance

Module 3: Analysis of Data

Relational Data Analysis

Working with Impala

Analyzing Complex Data and Text with Hive

Hive Optimization

Module 4: Tools for Data Analysis

Extending Hive

Choosing the Best Tool for the Job

Use cases

Calculate Best possible location

Analyzing mp3 files


(tabulated from


More training programs and courses from Inspizone available here.



4. Apache Hadoop Big Data Training – Tertiary Infotech

5 Big Data Analytics Short Courses in Singapore

This training course primarily focuses on the hands on and practical aspect of big data analytics, specifically using Apache Hadoop. It’s a 2-day crash course that can provide students with a general overview and familiarization with various big data tools apart from Hadoop such as MapReduce Pig, Hive, Impala, Sqoop, Oozie, and Zookeeper Apache Sparks.

Topics taught in the course include:

Day 1

Day 2

Getting Started on Apache Hadoop

Hadoop Core Components

Setup Hadoop Development Environment

MapReduce 2.0 or YARN



Connectors and Workflows

Exploring Other Hadoop Libraries

Apache Spark Basics


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A Certificate of Completion will be issued at the end of program. 

Learn more about other data analytics courses from Tertiary Infotech here.


5. Apache Kafka Essential Training – Tertiary Infotech

5 Big Data Analytics Short Courses in Singapore

Apache Kafka is a leading open-source, enterprise-scale data streaming technology that is particularly useful when working with real-time data and in integrations between multiple source and target systems. Through this course, students can gain foundational knowledge on Kafka and its fundamental operations.

The course will teach you the basics of Apache Kafka, Kafka theory and architecture, as well as working with Kafka CLI and APIs (like Kafka Connect, Steams, and Schema Registry).

It is a one-day course with 4 main topics:

  1. Overview of the Apache Kafka
  2. Starting Kafka
  3. Command Line Interface (CLI)
  4. Kafka Java Programming

A Certificate of Completion will be given at the end of the program.




There are many opportunities available in various data-driven industries. Taking advantage of them and pursuing these courses can earn you the competitive edge you need to build your career.

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