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Best Online Biotechnology Degrees You Can Take in 2020


Biotechnology as a field of science has long been embedded in every aspect of our lives, like the food we consume or the products we use. It has been known as a remarkable discipline and takes modern solutions (like technology, in particular) to ease people’s daily struggles.

Because of its crucial role to science and society, the opportunities you can experience if you pursue an academic or professional duty under it is undeniably limitless, both in your career and individual growth.

Coupled with the rise of e-learning approach, pursuing a biotechnology degree is made easier and more accessible to anyone who wishes to make a significant contribution to science and humankind. (What a time to be alive, indeed.)

So if you’re up for this exciting experience, check out these online biotechnology degrees in 2020, and decide which program suits you best.

4 Best Online Biotechnology Degrees 2020

The listed schools are ranked and cross-referenced from five academic organizations using a variety of factors for assessment such as the university’s enrollment and retention rate, programs offered, student to faculty ratio, finances and affordability.

1. Johns Hopkins University

Best Online Biotechnology Degrees You Can Take in 2020

The JHU’s Krieger School of Arts and Sciences offer a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology (MS in Biotechnology) that aims to mold biotechnologists in the 21st century and train them to lead different industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, healthcare, environment, energy, national security, product development, manufacturing to sales, marketing, finance, and law.

The school encourages takers to pursue a wide range of careers (as biotechnologists, biochemists, food scientists, forensic scientists, medical scientists, and quality assurance professionals) that are currently in-demand.

Since the program is a master’s program, you must have completed your bachelor’s degree and took at least a few or more academic units under biotechnology courses.

JHU’s biotech program is well-known because of the institution’s leading researchers and faculty in the discipline. They let students learn and grow with a diverse scientific community.

Just to give you an idea on the subjects you will encounter upon entering the program, the core courses under the program are Bio-Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Advanced Cell Biology I and II.

The program also consists of 6 areas to choose from, each with different courses and requirements. These areas of specialization are namely: (1) Biodefense Concentration; (2) Biotechnology Enterprise; (3) Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies; (4) Bioinformatics; (5) Molecular Targets and Drug Discovery Technologies; (6) Regulatory Affairs.

You can check out course descriptions here if you want to have a better idea on the courses offered.

If you’re also interested in pursuing a dual degree, an MS in Biotechnology and MBA Dual Degree Program can also be arranged in your own study terms.

This program can be completed within 12-36 months (depending on the units you take per term) and can be done through in-person, online, or hybrid classes.

2. Harvard Extension School

Best Online Biotechnology Degrees You Can Take in 2020

The Harvard Extension School offers a Master of Liberal Arts, Biotechnology Degree Program that will help you develop your expertise in biotechnology theory and research through an interdisciplinary approach.

Here, you will be studying human physiology and genetics, cancer, proteomics, genomics, and epigenetics which will allow you to better understand the dynamics behind biotechnology and the world.

You will be trained to work on biotechnology innovation and molecular biology techniques that are prevalent within current industry practices. Expect that you’ll also have training in designing experimental or case study design, analyzing scientific data, writing and communication, ethical practices, and effective collaboration, all of which can give you a competitive edge once you start pursue your career upon completion of the program.

The program consists of a total of 12 courses (48 credits). From these 12 courses, you will be required to take at least 2 classes on campus as a residency. You will also be able to choose between 2 tracks as you approach your program’s completion - a thesis track or a capstone track.

Again, since this is a master’s degree, the program is only for students who have completed a bachelor’s or an undergraduate degree under a science field. Additionally, the school also requires applicants to have at least one year of scientific research experience, and an academic background in molecular, cellular, and organismal biology (these are also offered as advanced subjects when you enrol into the program).

You can check out the official list of admission requirements here.

3. Stanford University

Best Online Biotechnology Degrees You Can Take in 2020

Stanford University currently offers 2 online biotechnology programs: Biotechnology Graduate Certificate and Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

Under the Biotechnology Graduate Certificate, you will be learning about the fundamental concepts of biotechnology, along with biopharmaceuticals. The program also touches upon some quantitative engineering principles.You will be trained to analyze biochemical processes and its underlying engineering fundamentals. You will also be learning approaches on how to address business challenges in various industries of biotechnology.

The Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Program, on the other hand, will focus more on the methods and practices in the production of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). You will have a better understanding of the dynamics between genetic engineering and biotechnology and familiarize yourself with the characteristics and classes of drug development. Lastly, you will also be learning about technology licensing and patents in life sciences.

4. University of Maryland Global Campus

Best Online Biotechnology Degrees You Can Take in 2020

Last on our list will be the Online Biotechnology Master’s Degree offered by The University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). Their program consists of 36 credits which can be taken through hybrid classes.

UMGC’s biotech program is a little bit different from others as they give emphasis on the combination of science and technology with business expertise to mold students for greater career flexibility.

The program features hands-on training with biotech companies and leading industry leaders that can provide you real-world experience and a headstart when you start building your career.

There are 4 main specializations under the program: (1) Bioinformatics; (2) Biosecurity and Biodefense; (3) Biotechnology Management; and (4) Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs. You can read up more on the course descriptions and other admission requirements here.


So there you have it!

Now, remember that they’re all great programs with their own unique features. But sometimes, this one choice can affect your study and profession in significant ways. However, what matters in the end will be your own will and passion to learn and contribute. Good luck.

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