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Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020


Studying in Singapore is definitely a great opportunity, considering the quality of education Singapore has to offer. However, at the same time, it can also be an expensive investment. So, applying for part time jobs can certainly help aid your  expenses. More importantly, getting work experience before graduating can increase your chances of getting hired upon graduation. And lastly, exposure to a work environment can also teach you skills and experiences outside the classroom and will prepare you better for the future.

With this said, let’s check out some of the most popular part time jobs for students in Singapore you can try out to earn some extra bucks.

5 Most Used Online Platforms for Job Hunting in Singapore

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

Here is a list of 5 most well-known job-seeking online platforms in Singapore. 

  1. Indeed

  2. Jobstreet

  3. FastJobs

  4. LinkedIn

  5. JobsCentral

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore

The list below features some of the most popular part time jobs for students in Singapore. Some of these are also common choices as short-term jobs taken during the school holidays. Review them and evaluate which best suits your preferences and interests.

1. Retail Assistant or Retail Associate

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

Working as a retail assistant or associate  is common for students because the work hours in most retail stores are semi-flexible. In the most ideal cases, employees can even choose their own work shifts. The job’s nature is also relatively less stressful compared to other workplaces. So with enough pressure and exhaustion from schoolwork, taking a stress-free job that can help you build competence in handling customers is a practical choice. You’ll even be able to improve your customer-handling skills!

You can choose to apply to a retail store in the industry that you’re interested or familiar with. For example, if you like fashion, you can apply to work as a retail associate in famous fashion-based retail stores such as Uniqlo or H&M. This way, you will be able to enjoy your work more.

2. Private Tutor

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

Since you’re learning a lot at school, why not share your knowledge with other young minds?

How much you’ve learned about a certain subject can be measured by how you teach it to others. It is a good way for you to grow and learn more from the said subject or skill. So, choose to tutor subjects you know well but want to master more. Additionally, limiting your workload to something similar in nature with schoolwork may also help you avoid the mental stress you may get from handling different loads.

3. Admin Assistant at School or Company

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

Admin assistant positions are common and widely available in many schools and companies. For education institutions with programs aim to help its students financially, the offices will require admins (and may hire student assistants to work on shifts that will not lapse with their class schedule) for smooth school operation. Otherwise, there are also a lot of companies that hire part time office assistants.

You can learn many skills by working as an admin assistant, primarily time-management, multi-tasking and being flexible with various kinds of office work. This is a skill that you’ll definitely need when entering any entry-level office jobs upon graduation.

4. Barista

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

Are you a coffee lover who need coffee to get you through the day? If you are, you may enjoy working as a barista! As a barista, learn more about the art of coffee-making and you will definitely end up appreciating coffee more. You’ll also get to socialize with people from all walks of life and cultures because who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cup of coffee inside a cozy café on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

5. Fast Food Cashier or Staff
Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

Several fast food restaurants offer part time jobs with working hours best suited for students with busy schedules. Offered positions can vary. You can choose to work as a cashier, cook, server, cleaner, assistant manager, or more. Since there are fast food restaurants pretty much everywhere in Singapore, looking and applying to one should be a quick and easy process. You’ll learn more about efficient customer handling and is definitely a practical way to earn some extra cash in your pocket.

6. Content Creator

Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore 2020

If you want a job with the most flexible working hours and can help you unleash your most creative self, becoming a freelance content creator is the way to go. A lot of companies offer project-based freelance jobs such as writing and editing content for articles, videos, presentations, and more.

You can also independently create your own content and gather profit through other ways such as uploading quality and self-made videos on Youtube, writing your own blogs, or joining the gaming and streaming community (an industry that is growing very well over the past few years).

As you begin your life as a working student, it is important to start with less stressful jobs to help you during your adjustment period. While these jobs may sound easy, you must still be prepared to face challenges along the way. But don’t worry, because they will help you grow as a person.

Best of luck with job hunting and enjoy learning while earning!

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