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Top 4 Singapore Universities offering MBA Programs that Can Give Your Career a Boost


America along with other Western countries have been in the lead when it comes to world-class economic and educational institutions, most particularly in the business sector. But as the years went by, Singapore has managed to run along with the trend.

Now Singapore is a great place wherein you can start building your MBA career, but why? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Take an MBA in Singapore?

In 2018, the country placed 7th in the LPI Index Global Rankings, making Singapore one of the most economically-competitive and international business-oriented country—not just among Asian countries but all around the globe.

Singapore is also a multi-cultural hub wherein people from different cultures and societies meet to study, work, or just settle. Within the aspect of your career, this could pave way for greater business networks which can help you achieve success easier. And to learn from and work with diverse people would simply be a notable life experience—a ‘cherry on top’ of your successful career.

You’re probably also aware that the country offers an excellent quality of life measured from a variety of factors such as: work opportunities, quality of education, and other socio-economic policies.

In terms of business education, Singapore is also considered an A-lister. Statistics from the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Council) Geographic Trend Report indicate that there have been a surge of MBA enrollees or takers in Singapore universities over the years because of the country’s progressive institutions. In addition, some of the MBA programs available in the country are also offered by highly-regarded schools or institutions that have garnered top ranks in global university rankings in the past decade. You will see more on this later.

In a nutshell, if you’re planning to pursue an MBA in Singapore, you’re in for a holistic experience that can give your career a great boost. Coupled with the increasing opportunities you can get under the business sector, you’ll definitely be just a few steps closer to your dreams.

So in this reading, we’ll show you some of the top MBA Programs from well-known universities in Singapore you can enroll to that will remarkably help you in your career advancement.

1. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School

Top 4 Singapore Universities offering MBA Programs that Can Give Your Career a Boost

Over the years, the program has been a globally-recognized program in Asian and all around the world. In the latest Financial Times Global MBA, the NUS Business School's MBA program ranked 15th globally and 1st in Singapore scoring yet another international distinction under the business paradigm. And this year, the university placed 11th in the QS (Quacquarell Symonds) World University Rankings.

The MBA program emphasizes a strong Asian focus suitable for aspiring professionals who wants to pursue their business career in Asian countries. As you will see later on the program’s curriculum, the program offers vast opportunities from experiential learning like consulting projects, case competitions, global immersion programs, international student exchanges, internship opportunities and a lot more.

It can be taken full-time for 17 months and part-time for more or less 2 years depending on how much academic units you take per semester. The curriculum consists of 10 core modules and 13 elective modules. To give you an idea on what subjects the program offers, they are tabulated below:

Academic Core

Experiential Core

Corporate Strategy

Financial Management

Financial Accounting

Managerial Economics

Marketing Management

Managerial Operations & Analytics

Leading with Impact

Launch Your Transformation

MBA Survival Kit

MBA Consulting Project

Academic Electives

Experiential Electives



Strategy & Organization

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Analytics & Operations

Digital Business

Real Estate

Healthcare Management

Lean Launchpad


Singapore Biodesign Fellowship

NUS Overseas Colleges

Other Courses


Global Exchange Program

Global Immersion Program

Student Clubs & Activities

Global Network for Advanced Management

Industry Learning Opportunities

(Tabulated from:

2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Business School

Top 4 Singapore Universities offering MBA Programs that Can Give Your Career a Boost

The Nanyang Business School also ranks among the top universities offering MBA courses placing 35th in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking for 2020. It garnered the 11th place together with NUS in the latest QS World University Rankings taking pride in their research field specifically on Asian studies.

Nanyang’s MBA program primarily gives emphasis on ‘live’ Strategy Projects where you will work with others to deal with real-life strategic challenges that you might encounter upon entering the business sector.

You will also undergo comprehensive leadership courses and have an opportunity to do Business Study Missions (BSM). Here, you will study specific segments of business, corporate, and government entities that can help you gain insights on concepts and practices relevant to a particular time and place. Expect that you will be able to learn the particular role of technology and other causal or time-relevant factors in your practice.

And Nanyang assures you an experience of “personal and professional transformation” that can help you pursue your career anywhere in the world.

You can take the 12-month program in a full-time arrangement. It features five (5) major tracks and consists of 9 core courses and 4 elective courses that are tabulated below:

Major Tracks

Banking and Finance

Strategy and Innovation

General Management

Marketing Management

Human Capital Management

Core Courses

Elective Courses


Technology and E-Business




Strategic Management

Analytics for Decision-Making

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Economics and Markets

Marketing Management

Human Capital Management

General Management

Other Compulsory Courses

Leading People Globally

Strategy Projects at Nanyang

Business Study Mission

(Tabulated from:

3. INSEAD Asia Campus (Singapore)

Top 4 Singapore Universities offering MBA Programs that Can Give Your Career a Boost

Ranked highest among Singapore universities offering MBA courses, the INSEAD Business School placed 4th in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings for 2020.

Apart from Asia, there are also INSEAD campuses in Europe and in the Middle East. This makes the MBA Program by INSEAD Business School (originally known as Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires or European Institute of Business Administration) a word-class and remarkable MBA across the world.

The school takes pride in its diverse educational system where you will be given the chance to learn and work with people from all walks of life. And through such, you will be given more career choices and more vast professional paths.

Now it’s also worth noting that INSEAD’s MBA program is an accelerated MBA program—a relatively quicker alternative to 2 or 3-year MBA programs. It consists of 14 core courses, a course pool of more than 75 elective courses, and 1 capstone project—all which can be completed within just a span of 10 months. The curriculum overview is tabulated below:


Core Courses

Exploring Management Challenges

MBA Webinars

Business Foundations Week

Language Courses

Financial Accounting

Organizational Behavior

Financial Markets and Valuation

Prices and Markets

Uncertainty, Data, and Judgement


Corporate Financial Policy

Managing Customer Value

Managerial Accounting

Process and Operations Management

Leadership Communication Foundations

Macroeconomics in the Global Economy

Business and Society

Elective Courses


Accounting and Control

Decision Sciences

Economics and Political Science

Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise



Organizational Behavior


Technology and Operations Management

Capstone projects are long-term projects that aims to present a physical and concrete application of the concepts, theories, and principles you’ve learned in your courses.

(Tabulated from:

4. Singapore Management University (SMU) - Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Top 4 Singapore Universities offering MBA Programs that Can Give Your Career a Boost

As a rising institution among other internationally-renowned business schools, the SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business ranks 63rd in the 2020 FT Global MBA Rankings and 477th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

SMU’s MBA Program also gives great emphasis on research and some of the faculty members from the institution are recognized for their studies.

The program consists of 8 modules for the program’s core curriculum and a minimum of 10 electives or areas of specialization. The program can be completed in 15 months if done in a full-time period and 18 months if you prefer a part-time learning structure. The program’s curriculum is tabulated below:

Core Modules

Elective Tracks or Fields

Corporate Finance

Financial Accounting

Leading Digital Transformation

Managerial Economics


Operations Management

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Strategic Manegement

Accounting and Finance

Leadership and Operations

Management and Strategy

Marketing and Communications

*There are also different modules under each field. You can check these out here.

(Tabulated from:

Choosing a specific MBA Program in a particular school might only be the first step to your business career. But most of the time, it can affect your overall learning in the near future. So choose carefully and wisely!

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