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5 Data Analytics Courses in Singapore (2020 Updated)


Nowadays, data analytics is extensively applied to a lot of industries and sectors globally. By analyzing data and statistics, business companies and organizations can have a better grasp on how to efficiently manage their projects. In 2012, Harvard Business Review labelled Data Scientist as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” because of the continuously growing opportunities under various industries, mainly business and technology. This year, it also took a spot in the top 10 Singapore’s LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, making data analytics an in-demand field.

With Singapore offering high-end opportunities in this field, taking a Data Analytics Course in Singapore will surely provide you with better chances of growth in your chosen profession.

So, let’s first take a look at some of the most leading data analytics courses in Singapore you can choose from. These courses will equip you with the knowledge, dexterity, and competence that you will surely need in pursuing a career under the data analytics industry.


5 Data Analytics Courses in Singapore (2020 Updated)

1. Masters of Science (MSc) in Analytics — Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

The Nanyang Technological University’s MSc in Analytics primarily focuses on ground application of data analytics in real-world scenarios. The Masters data analytics program can either be taken through a one-year full-time coursework or a two-year part-time program. In total, the program has 30 academic units (AU) consisting of 24 AU core courses and 6 AU elective courses.

Below are the courses that you will take under the Masters data analytics program:

Compulsory Courses

Elective Courses

MH8101 Operations Research I (1.5AU)

MH6301 Information Retrieval and Analysis (3AU)

MH 8102 Operations Research II (1.5AU)

MH8311 Stochastic Processes for Data Science (1.5AU)

MH8111 Analytics Software I (1.5AU)

MH8321 Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis (1.5AU)

MH8112 Analytics Software II (1.5AU)

MH8322 Uncertainty and Dependence (1.5AI)

MH8121 Analytics Workshop I (1.5 AU)

MH8331 Financial and Risk Analytics I (1.5AU)

MH8122 Analytics Workshop II (1.5AU)

MH8332 Financial and Risk Analytics II (1.5AU)

MH8131 Probability and Statistics (1.5AU)

MH8341 Data Management and Business Intelligence (1.5AU)

MH8141 Time Series Analysis (1.5AU)

MH8351 Web Analytics (1.5AU)

MH6142 Database Systems (3AU)


MH6151 Data Mining (3AU)


MH6191 (Practicum 6AU)


(Tabulated from:

 Check out more on NTU’s MSc in Analytics here.


5 Data Analytics Courses in Singapore (2020 Updated)

2. Data Science and Analytics (DSA) — National University of Singapore (NUS)

The National University of Singapore’s DSA Program emphasizes on the application of data science and analytics at more prominent industries in Singapore such as biomedical sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and many more. The curriculum ensures to effectively teach and train its students to prepare them in entering the said industries. The data analytics degree program can be completed in 4 years with an accumulated total of 160 MCs or units.

These are the offered courses under the data analytics degree program:

List A — DSA Modules

DSA4211 High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis

DSA4212 Optimisation for Large-Scale Data-Driven Inference

DSA426x Sense-making Case Analysis: YY and ZZ


List B1 — DSA-recognised modules (no hidden pre-requisites)

MA3236 Nonliear Programming

MA3252 Linear and Network Optimisation

MA4270 Data Modelling and Computation

ST3232 Design and Analysis of Experiments

ST3233 Applied Time Series Analysis

ST3239 Survey Methodology

ST3240 Multivariate Statistical Analysis

ST3247 Simulation

ST3248 Statistical Learning I

ST4231 Computer Intensive Statistical Methods

ST4234 Bayesian Statistics

ST4248 Statistical Learning II


List B2 — DSA-recognised modules (with hidden pre-requisites)

CS3210 Parallel Computing

CS3223 Database Systems Implementation

CS3230 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS3243 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS4224 Distributed Databases

CS4225 Big Data Systems for Data Science or Massive Data Processing Techniques

in Data Science

CS4231 Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

CS4234 Optimisation Algorithms

CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

CS4248 Natural Language Processing

CS5340 Uncertainty Modelling in AI

MA4230 Matrix Computation

 (Tabulated from:

 You can check out more information about the data analytics degree course here.


 5 Data Analytics Courses in Singapore (2020 Updated)

3. MSc in Accounting (Data and Analytics) — Singapore Management University (SMU)

The MSc in Accounting (Data and Analytics) program by SMU can either be taken in a one-year full-time or two-year part-time duration. There are a total of 12 data analytics courses under the Masters Data Analytics program and these primarily revolve around 3 main disciplines: Accounting Foundation, Data Technology, and Accounting Analytics. The program is also designed to adapt a multi-disciplinary approach towards learning.

The Masters Data Analytics program’s general course structure and curriculum is as below:

Accounting Foundation

Data Technology


Financial Reporting in the IFRS World (Part I)

Applied Statistics for Data Analysis

Forecasting and Forensic Analytics

Financial Reporting in the IFRS World (Part II)

Programming with Data

Analytics for Financial Instruments

Managing for Value Creation

Data Management

Analytics for Value Investing

Accounting Information Systems

Data Modeling and Visualisation

Accounting Analytics Capstone (SMU-X)

Internships or Independent Studies (Optional)

SMU Postgraduate Professional Development Series and SOA Masters Industrial Talk Series

 (Tabulated from:

More information on the course overview is available here.


5 Data Analytics Courses in Singapore (2020 Updated)

4. Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics) — Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

For the Singapore Polytechnic's Specialist Diploma in Data Science, if you are currently employed and require basic analytics skills for your job (some examples of industries that may require data analytics knowledge include the government, banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, etc.), then this course is best suited for you.

The data analytics course presents 2 post diploma certificates upon passing 2 coursework modules.

Semester One

Semester Two

PDC 1 Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science

PDC 2 Certificate in Data Analytics

Module 1 – Introduction to Statistics for Data Science

Module 3 – Data Mining Techniques

Module 2 – Introduction to Programming for Data Science

Module 4 – Applied Statistical Methods

 (Tabulated from:

Check out more about the data analytics certification course here.


5 Data Analytics Courses in Singapore (2020 Updated)

5. Specialist Diploma in Business and Big Data Analytics — Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Nanyang Polytechnic offers 3 post diploma certificates on Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, and Big Data Management. The modules under these data analytics certifications are tabulated below:

Post-Diploma Certificate in Business Analytics

Post-Diploma Certificate in Big Data Analytics

Post-Diploma Certificate in Big Data Management

Business Analytics Essentials (30 hours)

Big Data Analytics Essentials (30 hours)

Big Data Management Essentials (30 hours)

Statistics and Analytics Techniques (30 hours)

Machine Learning Techniques (30 hours)

Infrastructure System for Big Data Processing (30 hours)

Data Visualization (30 hours)

Text Mining and Analytics (30 hours)

Parallel Computing for Big Data (30 hours)

Business Analytics Project (60 hours)

Big Data Analytics Project (60 hours)

Big Data Management (60 hour)

 (Tabulated from:

You can read about the data analytics certification courses here.


There you have it! 5 most popular data analytics courses in Singapore! Make sure to review them properly and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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