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12 Online Bookstores With Delivery to Singapore

OSAU Angel

Like Mason Colley once said: “reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

Whether it is an emotion-filled or a fantasy fiction, one thing is certain – reading is one of the best hobbies to have. While it is true that aimlessly wandering in a bookstore is always an enjoyable experience, it can still get quite annoying when you are searching for a specific book.

You may feel that the bookstore is located too far from your house, or the book you want is out-of-stock or unavailable in Singapore, but fear not, there are many different online bookstores on the Internet nowadays that you can buy without leaving the comfort of your home.

Let’s get started. Here are 12 online bookstores that you can order your favorite books from!

1. OpenTrolley 

OpenTrolley is a home-grown online bookstore with more than 15 million books ranging from fiction to academic books, as well as local and international authors.

With a reliable delivery service, you get extra reassurance with a tracking number to keep track of the delivery. Enjoy a better deal when you buy in bulk.

Book genres: All

Delivery fee: $4.90 for home/office delivery | $1.95 for locker collection | free delivery for purchase of $70 or above (fee is per order basis, not per book)

Delivery time: 4-7 working days


2. Epigram

If there is one thing that makes Epigram unique, it is definitely the fact that it is both an independent publishing company and an online bookstore. Amanda Lee Koe's ''Ministry of Moral Panic'' and Jeremy Tiang's ''State of Emergency'' are just some of the award-winning books that this local company has published.

If you enjoy reading novels from aspiring young authors, Epigram is definitely the right option for you.

Book genres: Singapore fiction & non-fiction; Singapore literature

Delivery fee: Local delivery from $1.15 (depending on weight of order)

Delivery time: 3-5 working days


3. Books Actually

With a special selection of books from local poets, play-writers, and Singaporean writers, this online bookstore represents Singaporean literature. Take a chance on Singaporean authors and see what they have to offer.

On top of that, Books Actually is also known for selling interesting books on history, aesthetics, and biographies that are not as easy to find anywhere else. So if you are looking for good indie books, this is the place for you.

Book genres: Singapore fiction & literature; Indie titles

Delivery fee: $1.50 (standard) | $19 (next-day shipping)

Delivery time: 3-7 working days (standard)


4. Kinokuniya

A popular destination for book-lovers, many must have the experience of wandering around the rows of books for hours in Kinokuniya without getting bored. You may not have the time to do the same now, and thankfully, Kinokuniya has an online webstore to shop your favourite collections.

A brand originated from Japan, it has a wide range of Japanese manga, books and magazines.

Book genres: All (especially Japanese & Chinese manga, books and magazines)

Delivery fee: $6 for orders below $50 (priority shipment) | $4 for orders below $35 (normal shipment)

Delivery time: 1-2 working days after dispatch (priority shipment); 2-4 working days after dispatch (normal shipment)


5. Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online bookstores available worldwide. With good user reviews and a credible reputation, it will be a worry-free shopping experience. Enjoy more perks if you have Amazon Prime.

Book genres: All

Delivery fee: $4.99USD per shipping + $4.99 USD per item (standard) | free shipping for orders $40 and above

Delivery time: 9 - 12 business days (standard)


6. Times Bookstore's GoGuru

Like their actual store, Times Bookstore, you can find just about any books you need on their online store.

Book genres: Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, textbooks and assessment books

Delivery fee: $5 (<4kg, <80cm) | $8 (<10kg, <120cm) | $18 (<3okg, <160cm)

Delivery time: Within 5 working days upon stock availability confirmation


7. Book Depository

Book Depository has a large and diverse collection of book titles available. With more than 20 million different titles, from bestselling fiction, to self-help books and even children's books, enjoy free delivery for any order! The only downside is that it does take a while to arrive.

Book genres: All

Delivery fee: Free worldwide delivery

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks


8. Wordery

UK-based Wordery may be new (founded in 2012), but with its wide selection of books and free delivery service, it has already served more than 5 million customers worldwide.

This humble online bookstore houses a wide variety of books, academic books, children's books, fiction books, non-fiction books, and more.

Book genres: All

Delivery fee: Free worldwide delivery

Delivery time: 7-14 working days


9. Fishpond

Fishpond’s wide selection offers history, children's books, fiction, non-fiction books, and more. Need to shop for something else? It also sells baby, beauty, electronic, health and pet products!

Book genres: All

Delivery fee: Free worldwide delivery

Delivery time: Varies depending on country of shipment


10. Better World Books

Better World Books was founded nearly 20 years ago by university students who try to sell their textbooks online. Today, Better World Books is so much more than just an online bookstore -  it is also a social welfare organization that has re-sold, donated, and recycled more than 300 million books.

It sells both new and used books on its website.

Book genres: All (new & used)

Delivery fee: Free worldwide delivery

Delivery time: 10-21 working days


11. Basheer Graphic Books

With a branch at Bras Basah Complex, it holds a unique selection of rare art, design and architecture books and magazines. If you are feeling lazy to go down, you can shop online for the same artsy books you will find in their store.

Book genres: Art, design and architecture books & magazines

Delivery fee: $4 (standard) | $5 (speed post, up to 2kg)

Delivery time: 2-4 working days (standard) | next working day (speed post)


12. Thryft

Thryft is committed to sustainability, and that is what makes it unique. Their collection of books consists of both non-profit partners and trade-in books. Their wide selection of pre-loved books are available under $5 or $10.

At Thryft, It also allows you to trade your old books in for in-store credits to support its sustainability efforts. To do so, you can drop your old books off at the NUS Central Library, National Youth Council, or NUS Memorial Library. You can also contact the bookstore for a free pickup service if you have more than 20 books that you would like to trade-in for credits.

Book genres: All (used)

Delivery fee: $4 | free local delivery for orders above $15

Delivery time: 5-7 working days


Ordering from Online Bookstores

Trips to physical bookstores can be fun and therapeutic, but if you just want to stay at home today, why not make use of the plentiful online bookstores for the same satisfaction! Happy shopping!