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Passion Vs. Need: What Drives You Study

Pao P

Every person has a different goal that makes them do what they do. These certain goals that drive them can lead to certain decisions that affect their current state in life, some of them even directly opposite of what you’d expect this particular individual would do at a given situation. Whether it's their passion or whether it’s because of a certain need, you might find yourself at crossroads of choosing between X and Y: “should I get this course since I find it interesting, or should I get this other one since I heard this was a high paying job?”

Working because you love a certain field is everyone’s dream, something that we can talk about with friends and family, and spend a great deal of our remaining lives enjoying. But this is not always the case since many restrictions that we are burdened with tunnels our choices in life into more pragmatic ones that our parents would surely agree on.

The need that we need to satisfy usually falls upon market demand. People would often discourage you in pursuing courses that are less known than others - such as Gender Studies, Sociology, or something similar - because they are not  “in demand.” There is wisdom in this because people who would usually tell you to follow your passion have no idea about a much more superior advice: “Make It Your Passion.”

Ignoring the market is a huge pitfall that leads to failure. Instead of following a passion that will turn out unproductive in the end, weigh your choices for something that you’d get a lot out of. Check out your strengths and salvage your interests that will serve you a great deal in making the right decisions out of your chosen career path. 

Develop a passion instead of letting it show you the way. There are many success stories behind those who didn’t let their emotions get in the way, but instead, let it serve as an inspiration or a certain milestone. It will definitely be worth the achievement when it gets to it.

My Life

By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.