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Your Go-to Engineering Colleges in Singapore

Pao P

You just graduated Senior High and is currently on the lookout for the right engineering school that would suit you. There are many options out there, but relative to your preference and whatever is nearer and/or more accessible to you via the railways, then things get a lot more streamlined. Here are some of the best Colleges that are ranked according to popularity and media reports today.

1. National University of Singapore

Founded way back in 1905, this is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore and is also known as one of the top Universities in the planet, being the top ranked University in Asia Pacific and the 22nd in the world by The Times. Konstantin Novoselov, a Nobel Laureate for his work on Low Temperatures and High Magnetic Fields, is currently part of its faculty.

Engineering being the largest faculty that they have, they are sure to have the specialization that you have in mind. Some of their main research focuses on biomedical and life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, nanoscience and nanotechnology, materials science and engineering, infocommunication and infotechnology, humanities and social sciences, and defence-related research. 

Can be accessed easily enough by subway (being located near the Botanic Gardens MRT Station/CC19) or shuttle buses that run throughout the university which can be found via the NUS NextBus App.  

2. Nanyang Technological University

NTU is the second largest University in Singapore, accommodating almost 45,000 students and faculty combined into its eight colleges and schools. The primary campus is located at 50 Nanyang Avenue, while also having separate campuses at Novena and one-north as well.

Engineering is also NTU’s largest subdivision, while also claiming the title of having the world’s largest engineering college with a population of almost 15,000 graduates and undergraduates combined. Offering a rich array of multidisciplinary programs and specializations in traditional engineering and beyond, you can never go wrong choosing NTU as your institution.

3. SIM University

UniSIM is one of the few Universities in Singapore that practices an “open-door policy” towards working adults, providing a great opportunity for those hoping to get a degree while having a day job. This also allowed them a chance to improve and skills and qualifications for those that missed it before. Engineering degrees they offer also encompass a wide array of choices, and UniSIM gives you a definite choice to work and study part-time. 

4. Singapore University of Technology and Design

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Singapore University of Technology and Design has developed an undergraduate curriculum suited to the local context. This included modern engineering and architecture education that crosses traditional departments enabling students to finish eight terms in three and a half years, which is faster than other Singapore autonomous universities. 

SUTD also offers graduate school programs, also collaborated with MIT, specifically Civil and Environmental Engineering, Supply Chain Management, or Engineering in Manufacturing. There are also Ph. D. programs which involved spending a year in the US and another in Singapore, receiving a master’s degree both in MIT and SUTD.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.