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Tips To Make Life Better For You And Everyone Else

Pao P

It’s easy to get lost in the turmoil that is life and all the things that go with it. Life’s meaning and purpose, no matter how much you hold on to it, eventually get clouded over by different goals that take your focus away. This is part of human nature, and the challenge that greets us the very day that we gain consciousness is this: will we be able to know the meaning of Life is throughout our journey in this world? 

Perhaps some of us - if not all of us - strive to find this meaning. It may even elude us until our very last day. But one thing is certain; we must be able to help each other in attaining that one common goal. Not all of us may be able to relate at all with everything that’s going through with other people’s lives, not to mention sympathize with his or her experience that made them who they are. But there is truth in the thought that kindness is always the key to making many things better, no matter what situation we may be in.

Tips To Make Life Better For You And Everyone Else

“Be kind to others.” Very simple, yet extremely hard to do. And doing it consistently - every single day - may even be an impossible task for the ordinary person. We try our best to be successful, to have a great career, and to shower ourselves with achievements. Humans are such self-centered beings in nature, and to consider the welfare of strangers can be considered a great feat, like stepping outside the box you’re familiar with. Showing kindness can change a person’s day, maybe even their outlook in life when displayed at *that* crucial time. 

Give out a caring hand towards a person in need. It may even not be a friend, a simple “hello!” and a thrown-out smile can turn the sourest mood of a complete stranger to a day filled with positivity. With all the bad things happening out there, shining your candle in the darkness can start the spark of change.

Tips To Make Life Better For You And Everyone Else

“Watch what you say.” I saw a signboard out on the highway to work telling people about “Five Questions To Ask Before Saying Anything To Anyone”, namely;

  1. Is it TRUE?

  2. Is it HELPFUL?

  3. Is it INSPIRING?

  4. Is it NECESSARY?

  5. Is it KIND?

Thoughtful life advice like this can be walked-over every day, and yet most people fail to notice the wisdom one can glean over such simple advice. Lying is a heinous crime to yourself. Being TRUTHFUL to what we say builds confidence in ourselves and others, and being trustworthy in everything that we do builds a strong character. 

Being HELPFUL and INSPIRING with our words go hand in hand, often building up the purpose of what we are going to say. Being NECESSARY makes it unique, in a way that it breathes life and importance upon your words. And finally, giving out KIND words serves as the cherry on the top, further strengthening the values of the deliverer and the audience, making the world we live in better, even if a little.

Tips To Make Life Better For You And Everyone Else

Life is a continuous lesson that we learn from every day, and until our very last breath, we will only be remembered by the deeds that we have done. It’s up to us on how we’d live this life, or how we’d choose to leave a mark on this world, may it be of kindness or otherwise.

As a wise man once said, the fulfillment we experience is not met at the destination, but in our journey and the people that we meet along the way. 

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.