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Five Ways A Student Should Spend The Weekend

Pao P

Thank God It’s Friday, and everyone including you is raring to go your separate ways and start everyone’s favorite part of life: The Weekend. Sounds like a good movie title, doesn’t it? Well, everyone looks forward to the much-needed break time we need during the oh-so-hectic week filled with nothing but academics and deadlines. Everyone spends their time in unique ways; either with friends, family, classmates, or even alone in their room chilling with their favorite gaming console, or chowing down chapters from their books.

So, how should a good student spends his weekend in particular? Let’s take a look at this list on how we can make the best out of this awesome two days of Me-Time:

Go Offline

Not surprisingly, studies show that an average person spends more than six hours of his everyday life online, and almost two hours of that is spent on social media. This may not sound overwhelming, but statistics also show that this also equates to more than a quarter of our average lifetime. You won’t lose anything from going offline from time to time, and this can also give you the feeling of being freed from all the burden that you’ve carried the whole week.

Spend the weekends with a reduced number of online time, and you’ll learn to appreciate face-to-face communication more. Not to mention the eye-catching beauty of the outside world (not those things you saw on the Internet). 

Get Physical

As tempting as staying in bed all day may sound, this can only lead to sore muscles and headaches that have the risk of getting carried over to Monday. Getting around 30 minutes of your time to do some physical activity can help alleviate stress and boost your energy for the coming week. Whether its some sport you play with friends or a quiet jog alone at your favorite park, this can help change your perspective a lot and boost self-confidence as well.

Spend Time With Family

Obviously enough, no matter how small the space separating you and your parents/siblings is, they still miss you. Build a healthier relationship with them by setting aside work and school from time to time to give way to precious family bonding. Going to the park or visiting your favorite restaurant with them can always make your day several times better.

Reflect On Experiences

Life is never short of lessons to give us, so give some time to take note of these things and ponder over what it means for you and your future. Success or failures that you’ve encountered in the past all help you to become better for what comes next. You can do this in your room or even at your favorite coffee shop, and meditate on what life is trying to tell you with all that’s going on.

Prepare For The Weekdays

As sad as it may seem, all good things must come to an end. And when Monday starts knocking on your door, there’s no better way to greet the new week by being prepared both physically and mentally. The weekend is meant for that crucial recharge, and updating your to-dos, finalizing schedules, and polishing those reports can spell the difference between the start of a bad or a good week.

Work-study-life balance is the harmony we all strive to achieve, and with good reason. Life does not always go your way, but when you greet it with a smile, it will always (almost) love you back.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.