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A Guide To Commuting Inside The University of the Philippines - Diliman

Pao P

The University of the Philippines Diliman boasts of a total land area of 1,220 acres. That is 493 in hectares, around 4,000 Olympic sized swimming pools, and 131 Philippine Arenas. Given these numbers, how would you go around the campus without feeling like you’ve been sent out and couldn’t come? 

Well, you have to get lost once in a while to get to know a place. But let’s make sure it’s just once in a while, don’t make it a hobby. 

The key to getting around the campus smoothly is to get familiar with the different jeepney routes. 


IKOT and TOKI jeepneys have yellow roofs. Rumor has it that these two jeepney routes go the opposite of each other just like how the word TOKI is IKOT spelled backward. This is your main ride inside the campus between classes and across buildings. TOKI jeeps usually pass by the science complex where you can find the Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology, Biology and Math buildings. 

IKOT, on the other hand, passes by Krus na Ligas aside from academic buildings like Fine Arts,  Maskom and the College of Human Kinetics. Don’t be shocked though if the jeep exits the campus via the CP Garcia gate. It will return inside the campus in just a bit. 

There are points in between where both jeepney routes intersect. However, you should choose which one to take most especially because TOKI jeeps are less in number than its counterpart. 


One of the most frequent jeepneys you’ll see inside the campus is the green-roofed ones which take the routes going to MRT, SM North/Trinoma and Philcoa. These jeepneys will take you to other commuting points outside of the campus premises. If you need to go around the academic oval, they are also your fastest options. They take the shortest route around the oval, and you’ll have a hard time not finding them around as well since they’re pretty much everywhere.


Lastly, we have the Katipunan jeepneys. They exit the campus premises and pass by the Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College and UP Town Center. You may find these jeepneys’ routes a little odd, but know that it might give you some shortcuts instead of taking the TOKI or IKOT jeeps. 

There you have it, the jeepneys that would make your commute inside the campus easier. Give yourself some time before the classes start and try each route so you can get yourself familiar with it. Or, you can just take them whenever, then get yourself lost and remember that what you took was not the right one. Hopefully, by then you would identify which is the correct route. Chill and enjoy the ride. 

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.