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What Your Favorite Subject In School Tells About You

Pao P

Studying may be boring for many of you, but you have to admit, that one subject really gets your interest the most! You may even pride yourself as the best in that favorite subject of yours.

This reveals a lot about yourself as well. Here are a few of the most commonly liked subjects and what it says about your personality.

What Your Favorite Subject In School Tells About You


You find it very hard to contain your curiosity in everything, how it all works, what made this and that, and you will not stop until you get a detailed, step-by-step information for yourself! You may just have the drive of a mad scientist in you, and all sorts of knowledge are always welcome. If it was a fantasy setting, no doubt you’ll be the wizard with his amazing collection of tomes and grimoires, on the quest for boundless knowledge! 


Oof, math. Brings terror to a normal student’s eyes. But not for you! You’re hungry for challenge and usually are up to it! Usually the most intelligent person in the class, you enjoy the rewarding victory over the hardest problems you encounter, be it mathematical or real life. You work hard on everything that you do, and pride yourself the best in what you do. People tend to look in your direction for assistance when they hit a roadblock, and just like a hero, you push that obstacle away with ease.

What Your Favorite Subject In School Tells About You


Your creativeness is the envy of everyone in class, but you’re pretty much a perfectionist in everything that you do. You may even be a little too sensitive or timid in other people’s eyes, but your closest friends and family know how great you are as a person. You are extremely expressive when it comes to art, however, having no second thoughts to express your feelings in every creation that you come up with. From paintings, drawings, and sculptures, you know how to project yourself to the world. 

What Your Favorite Subject In School Tells About You


Strong muscles and tremendous energy, no wonder you’re the athletic one in class. You’re booming with personality and positivity, and always surrounded by friends that look up to your shining beacon of morale. You inspire others to do their best, and motivate them with your actions alone. Even with all these, you’re a competitive person as well, and always welcome for a challenge.

What Your Favorite Subject In School Tells About You


You have no greater desire than to contribute to making the world a better place. For you, knowledge about the past is deeply required to set a great future. You like looking ahead, but also never forget to learn from the past on how to deal with things in the present. You are levelheaded, and always find it easy to sympathize with all kinds of people.


Music is your passion. Music is the language of the soul and you understand this more than anyone else. You see things clearly all around you, often looking at the deeper meaning of things to understand the world and the people in it. Your creativeness and intelligence mix in a harmonious way. You believe that balance should always be kept, and you pride yourself as a completely organized individual.

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