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Why You Should Join Student Organizations At The University

Pao P

New in school, and your first day at the university is already getting you anxious. You feel this great need of finding your own space that you’re comfortable with, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy school halls. You wonder, how long would it be before you get to know people here like you did in middle school?

Good news; there’s an easy way to do just that! Joining a student organization may be the last thing in your mind right now - with all the incohesive class schedules you have on your plate - but you have no idea how right this time is to join one! 

Student organizations will help develop your leadership skills. 

Your undiscovered potential as an aspiring leader will be unearthed, together with helping you mature further and develop your fundamental organizational skills as well. When surrounded by people, and people sharing the same interests as you, you learn to lead the way and improve your confidence altogether. With one goal in mind, you learn the importance of motivation and teamwork, among others.

Build a bigger network of people who share similar interests. 

With different student organizations across the board catering to a wide variety of interests, you won’t find yourself away from the window of possibilities for long. You’ll learn a lot from your seniors, and even former students of their experiences and even guidance from them to steer you on the right path. Meeting people of all kinds will make your experience at the university more fruitful, to help your transition to the real world a lot smoother when you graduate. 

It will help you develop your organization and time-management skills. 

The primary reason why students are discouraged to join organizations is being afraid that it could only make their already huge to-do list a lot more unmanageable. But this can’t be any more false! Student organizations do quite the contrary, in fact. It helps set your prioritizing skills to the test, and makes you on edge on organizing each task based on their importance and urgency. No matter how busy you may become, after a few semesters of experience, it’s just going to be a cakewalk for you!

It helps you build rewarding friendships. 

This is the reason why students opt to join student organizations in the first place, and it may be your personal reason as well. Our friends are the reasons why we do the things we don’t usually do, maybe even the reason why you went to this particular university in the first place! We join to get to know more people, expand our horizons, and step into the world out there with your head held high, knowing you’ve got friends to back you up. It can be pretty terrifying to walk the path alone, so what matters most is to cherish this chapter in your life with your friends by your side.

Student organizations can help you experience this feeling you won’t find anywhere else, even outside the university grounds. It makes college more than just studying and education. Like a second family, they are there to support you whenever, wherever you are.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.