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Why Journalism Might Be The Course For You

Pao P

Journalism may be easily overlooked when choosing a course that might fit you, with the dozens of other career options that might seem more practical. 

But journalism offers perks that are easily usable, and often times invaluable, in other fields as well. Not to mention how your passion can be expressed at work like no other course can offer! Let’s explore some pros on why journalism might just be the right course for you.

It Provides Opportunities To Become A Communications Expert

Journalism sharpens your English (and other languages) proficiency the most out of the majority of courses, You will literally be living your passion for reading and writing, and develop your communications skills in many ways. As mentioned earlier, this is an invaluable skill as well when expanding your horizons into other fields.

Provides You With Experience To Get Into Media 

There’s no better way to enter the world of media than through journalism. You will know the ins and outs of the industry and you’ll establish yourself with a network of contacts that can help you through your career.

It Can Provide You With An Outstanding Personal Development Experience

Part of your career path involves interaction with may people that will also shape your experience. This will also determine your success as a journalist, with all the mentorship programs, workshops, guest lectures and the like are involved in the work-integrated learning. You are also most likely to meet like-minded people and journalists that can provide you with an enjoyable work experience.

Work Opportunities Are Boundless

From newsrooms to editorial offices, there is no shortage for the need of new promising journalists, may it be fresh graduates or experienced ones. You can also discover that a degree in this course will help you in working on media-related fields that aren’t journalism. Journalism can really take you far, and your options are limitless. What else, as a writer, it can make you enjoy work that you really love!

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.