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TRIVIA: 7 Things About Accounting That Might Suprise You

Pao P

When accounting comes to mind, boring, pen-and-suit individuals pop-up in your head almost immediately, ready for all your financial organization needs. 

But that stereotype doesn’t mean exciting things don’t happen in the world of accountancy! Whether you’re interested in pursuing the course or just plain stumbled in this blog, I present you some facts you probably haven’t heard about regarding accountants and the accounting profession as a whole:

November 10 is recognized as International Accounting Day!

TRIVIA:  7 Things About Accounting That Might Suprise You

okay... maybe not as festive as you think.

An accountant named Walter Diemar invented the Bubblegum in 1928. 

With no other dye color with him during his “eureka!” moment, he dyed it bright pink.

TRIVIA:  7 Things About Accounting That Might Suprise You

FBI accountants lead to the arrest of infamous crime boss Al Capone. 

Although suspected of multiple cases of murder and bootlegging, he was ultimately arrested by the FBI due to income tax evasion. 

“BOOKKEEPING” and all words derived from it, are the only words in the English language that has three consecutive sets of double letters.

St. Matthew the Evangelist is the patron saint of accountants, as well as bookkeepers, tax collectors, and bankers.

Accountants have a specific patron saint as well! 

TRIVIA:  7 Things About Accounting That Might Suprise You

The first accounts (heh!) of accounting date back 7000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. 

Tokens made out of clay were used to keep track of commodities such as animals and grain. There is also evidence of early auditing systems used by Egyptians and double-entry bookkeeping in medieval Europe as well!

Luca Pacioli is regarded as the “Father of Accounting.” 

He was an Italian mathematician who had Leonardo the Vinci as one of his students. In his first booke written back in 1494, he warned that “one should not go to sleep at night until the debits equaled the credits.”


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