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Courses with the Highest Potential Salary Grade in Philippines

Pao P

Studying at the university is a major stepping stone in one’s life, and it’s normal to make sure you make the best out of this investment both of your time and money. So the question that commonly comes to mind: what course can give me the best choice to earn a good salary and a fruitful career path?

Here are some of the best courses in the Philippines, and details regarding their average tuition fee and salary grade as well:

1. Aircraft/Aeronautics Operations or Engineering, and Aviation

According to the 2016 Occupational Wages Survey, “among various time-rated workers on full-time basis, aircraft pilots, navigators, and flight engineers received the highest monthly wage rate amounting to Php 116,714 in 2016.” 

However, in order to be a pilot, you need not only complete your bachelor’s degree in the proper fields, but also pass the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines’ (CAAP) licensure examinations and certifications, as well as the requirements of the Aviation Training Organization (ATO).

Some of the schools in Manila and their annual tuition costs are; Airlink International Aviation College at P355,000.00, PATTS College of Aeronautics at P80,000.00, University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (Las Pinas) at P64,000.00, and WCC Aeronautical and Technological College - North Manila at P130,000.00.

2. Commerce

Courses such as commerce, accounting, and finance not only offers vast opportunities in the ever-expanding businesses in the country, but also offers a good salary. The responsibilities you’ll take in this career path often involve offering financial advice or handling financial market transactions for their clients. 

The average monthly salary amounts to P90,000.00, but would often require cementing your rep by passing board examination, licensure, and certifications after acquiring your Bachelor’s degree.

Schools and institutions that offer this course are; De La Salle University with an annual tuition cost of P210,000.00-P220,000.00, Far Eastern University (FEU) at P110,000.00, Lyceum of the Philippines Manila at P100,000, and San Beda University at P150,000.00.

3. Civil Engineering

Designing, managing, and planning the construction of major infrastructures and projects are just some of the responsibilities of Civil Engineer. This includes bridges, railways, roads, private and government buildings to mention some. With this range of expertise needed, not to mentions the licensure exam and continuous learning process, Civil Engineers are highly compensated in the country with an average annual salary of P70,000.00.

Some known institutions in the metro that offers this course are; Mapua University with an annual tuition of P130,000.00-P190,000, De La Salle University at P210,000.00, Far Eastern University at P130,000.00, and University of the Philippines at P50,000.00 (but recently covered by the free tuition law).

4. Computer Science/Programming

The recent spike in demand for Computer Programmers in the last five years has upped their salary offers by companies to around P50,000.00 at entry-level positions. Their work usual includes software development and design, corporate data security maintenance, algorithm analysis and development, and data management for different companies. Software and full-stack engineers are highly sought all over the world, not only in the country itself.

Here are some of the schools that offer IT courses: De La Salle University with an annual tuition of P160,000.00-P180,000.00, Ateneo De Manila University at P140,000.00-P190,000.00, Mapua University at P140,000.00-P190,000.00, and AMA Computer University at P60,000.00-P90,000.00.

5. Medicine and Physicians

If you aspire to be a doctor, a medical-allied courses might be for you. The demand for doctors both in private and public institutions has remained the same for the last decade, making it one of the most stable courses you can take with a well-defined career path. A physician’s average salary ranges to around P40,000.00-P50,000.00, but this also depends on the field of specialization that you will take. Before taking a Doctor Medicine Degree, however, you need to undergo a pre-med course first. 

Here is a list of schools and institutions that offer a wide variety of medical courses in the metro: University of Santo Tomas with an average tuition of P140,000.00-P260,000.00 per semester, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila which can range from 0 to P50,000.00 per semester depending on your scholarship, St. Lukes Medical College of Medicine at P40,000.00-P80,000.00 per semester, and Ateneo De Manila University at P150,000.00 above per semester.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.