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Smartphone Suggestions for Students

Pao P

Probably not-your-mom told you that smartphones are very helpful for your studies. But with the ever-evolving digital age, catching up with the latest trend in smartphone technology is a crucial step in being well-prepared for college classes. 

Smartphones have seen a lot of improvements lately that they can even do the basic functions of computers nowadays. From a quick internet browse, text file creation, to spec-intensive video editing and hyper awesome presentations. Not to mention all those games you can play (during your free time, of course) as well as a ton of entertainment that not-your-mom likes.

However, any good technology doesn’t come at a price. Smartphones can be pretty expensive and can even cost much more than your entire semester’s expenses. 

For a regular student, it might seem very hard to get a good deal out of your budget for a decent smartphone. But there are tons of choices out there with you in mind!

Here’s a list of bang-for-your-buck smartphones for students that does not sacrifice efficiency for cost:

For the Powerhouse: Realme 5

If you are an all-around student who spends much of his/her academic time at school or outside, then Realme 5 will match the energy that you need. Realme 5 is a new smartphone that was just launched early in 2019. 

Realme is a Chinese brand that is a sister company of Oppo, and just entered the Philippine market last year. Since then, they have been dubbed as the “flagship killer” because they offer features found on premium phones at a cheaper price. 

Realme 5 has several variants but its 3GB (RAM)/ 64GB (ROM) variant is already affordable at Php7,990 while its 4GB/128GB variant is priced at P11,990. It has a huge 5000 mAh battery which can surely last a day without charging at average usage. 

It also runs on an Android 9 based operating system, sports a rear quad-camera set-up and a 12 MP AI selfie camera. This awesome powerhouse of a smartphone can run all your needs for an entire day without breaking a sweat.

For the Generalist: Samsung A50

I get that some people have trust issues with new brands so here’s one from a veteran player, Samsung.

Samsung A50 was launched last year from the brand’s revamped J series. For the price of Php14,990, Samsung A50 will give you a huge display which is great for viewing. It has a triple camera set-up that includes a 48MP lens. 

Video recording has a UHD 4K resolution with a “Super Steady” stabilization feature. Nothing captures the moment better than this smartphone, perfect for any student that requires phones to assist them for media processing.

For the Starter: Galaxy Note 10

You might be graduating soon and looking for a gift to yourself that can be useful when you get to the outside world a.k.a your first job. 

Galaxy Note 10 is obviously on the premium side but there is no doubt that it is a good investment.  It gives you features that can match the basic functions of a computer. The note-taking function it sports is efficient for document creation and sharing on the go. 

It has a cinematic camera feature that will let you capture and edit videos and other content smoothly. 

Its price starts at Php53,000 but there are various payment options like mobile plans and installments. Although it may sound a little overwhelming for students, putting the idea out there is still worth considering.

So, if you have that extra budget for a phone then Note 10 might be one of the best options out there.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.