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Beating The Hell Out Of The Week

Pao P

Studying can be fun and engaging especially when you do it with friends, but can be especially draining during weeks where examination starts, or “Hell Weeks”. The deadlines that stack on top of each other can bring anyone to their knees. Not to mention all the studies that suddenly lines up in front of you, each demanding a great portion of your time.

If you’re having trouble during these times of the semester, or are preparing yourself for the storm, here are some tips to help you power and win through the Hell Week;

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It’s easy to forget drinking your water when stressed-out with all the things you need to do. This is the most common trap that most students fall to, often ending up dehydrated and sick on the crucial dates you prepared for so much. Dehydration makes you feel tired and sleepy, and will pose as a hindrance to your reviews if it keeps up. Bring a bottle of water with you all day, and never forget to chug it every few hours for a needed recharge.

Take Power Naps

Getting at least eight hours of sleep during hell week seems impossible. Most sleep experts say that a 10 to 20-minute power nap is the most effective to regain a quick jolt of vigor and decrease fatigue. Don’t forget to take a short break every now and then and remember, that the small nap you take may spell out the difference between victory or defeat during Hell Week.

Balance Your Caffeine Intake

You may be tempted to increase your daily cups of coffee in order to stay awake more since coffees, sodas, and energy drinks are the go-to beverages during all-nighters. But too much caffeine in your system can also cause stomach aches, palpitations, nausea, and migraine. It’s better to keep your wits about you and shake off that sleepiness with a quick exercise than getting another shot of coffee.

Don’t Be Too Comfortable

You may want to distance yourself from the cushion sofa when doing your reviews for the day. Too much comfy-ness induces sleep and we don’t want that on an all-nighter. Also, lying down on bed while studying can only make you fall asleep (or worse, having the book or phone fall off your face). Try to sit straight on a well-lighted area, and change positions every now and then to not strain your muscles. 

Take Care Of Your Eyes

Staring at your laptop screen for too long can be extremely tiring for your eyes and cause them to degrade at an accelerated rate. Studies show that taking your gaze away from your screen every 20 minutes can help alleviate eye fatigue and prevent damage to your eyes due to prolonged exposure to radiation. Adjust your screen brightness as well to where you’re comfortable with, and work at a well-lit area where there are other better light sources than just your computer screen.


Remember to value your health as much as you value those sweet A’s, so keep these tips in mind. You’ll find these very helpful, not only with your approaching exam weeks but throughout your college life as well. 

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.