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Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

Pao P

Here you are, unsure what to expect the first time you step in class. You’ve heard from people how college is very much different from what you’ve lived through in high school. And they’re right.

Your first day is monumental, and it’s crucial that you don’t miss it out. It marks the start of an exciting quest to your ticket to the world, and it all begins with meeting new people of varying interests and cultures.

Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

Now speaking of people…

All the students you’ll be meeting? They all came from different schools with different “high school cultures”.

They don’t know you (most likely, unless you’re a pop star). They don’t know where you came from and what you were back in middle school.  You can easily feel left-out and alienated if you have no idea how to approach them or talk to them.

And like how Sun Tzu said that “knowing is half the battle”, learning beforehand how to adapt to these new sets of people can be crucial to your survival in college. To adapt is to know these people and how they can help you in your arduous journey in the University.

So sit back and pay attention as we go through the list of five types of people you will meet in your first class.

Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

The Welcoming Committee

Location: Near the front door

Behavior: Mostly gathers in groups, well-rounded and accommodating

Strengths: Group Activities, Publicity, Persuasion

You can almost see them while you’re a mile away from the front door. As soon as you set foot inside the classroom, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles from them as they acknowledge your presence. They’re not afraid of sitting in front of the class, and usually serve as the eyes of the Professor on the outside (or the class, when it comes to it). They are friendly enough to welcome strangers as well, usually making newcomers feel comfortable with the cheerful aura they emanate. 

Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

The Dapper or The Chic

Location: Middle of the class

Behavior: Shines bright like a diamond

Strengths: Trendy and Friendly

The star of the class, and quite literally at that. They often shine with charisma that seeps through other classes as well. Definitely hip to the core, you can always count on them to stay updated with the latest trends. Easy enough to approach and talk to. Sometimes, they’ll even be the one to start up a conversation with you! Careful though, prolonged exposure to the spotlight they are in can overwhelm you completely.

Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

The Dungeon Master

Location: Near the window

Behavior: Staring blankly outside, making dragons out of clouds.

Strengths: Imaginative, word-vomiter, writing

They can easily be dismissed as loners and introverts, but do not mistake their silence for timidness. These people usually work-off their minds and try to contain their wild imagination through elaborate concentration. They often write poems, song lyrics and broad storylines at a whim, and find them discussing philosophical outlooks in life. You can only hope to gain even a residue of their Da Vinci-grade minds, so stay close to them for an inkling of their heaven-sent insight.

Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

The Napper

Location: Way in the back

Behavior: Takes power nap to the next level

Strengths: Energy Conservation, Fast Learner, Fast Worker

Please, if you see one, do not disturb them. The much-needed rest they are currently taking is a result of exhausting work (or, maybe they’re just really sleepy). Whenever they are awake though, they display outstanding feats with all the stored energy they charged up while sleeping. You will also find out that most of the time, these people even work part-time jobs. But be warned, when they *yawn*… you may… fall asleep as… well...

Five People You Will Meet In Your First Class

The Observer

Location: Anywhere

Behavior: Gets along with everyone

Strengths: Playing Safe and Strategizing

These people are friendly and seemingly outgoing, but when class starts, they put their game faces on. They display little interest to others while taking down notes and absorbing everything the Professor is saying. They are usually drawn to places where knowledge reeks the most, or in better terms, where there are things that needed observing. During projects, they are the sources of treasured information, and don’t be surprised if you find their notes complete, word by word.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.