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Hobbies You Should Try in College

Pao P

College may seem overwhelming at first, and it may feel like a swim against the current for some time. The deadlines, modules, meetings and many more will whittle down little by little. Everything settles once you get past this culture shock, and you will find yourself with more than the usual free time sooner or later. You’ll eventually get bored, and look for things to pass the time with. This often leads to opportunities to try new things, taking up hobbies that would suit your style and personality.

More often than not, picking up a new hobby may cost you a pretty penny. But with all the options out there, a cheaper alternative without sacrificing enjoyability will always be available.

Hobbies You Should Try in College


You may think reading is only done to get good grades, but there’s more to it than that! Your University should offer a library with a wide variety of reading materials to choose from, and it might inspire you to try it more. Genres you haven’t picked up before might end up being good for your taste after all. This is true for works of authors you haven’t tried before as well. Do not strand yourself into familiar boundaries, try something new! Reading truly is a beautiful, timeless hobby for everyone.

The traditional pen and paper can be a way to express yourself through writing, but with the technology we have now, writing articles, blog posts and stories on the web can also be a great way to do it. This can be a means to steam-off some of that stress caused by your academics. You might also be able to find a community online and/or gather followers on your blog, adding flavor to your experience in expressing your emotions.

Hobbies You Should Try in College

Video Games

Nothing beats the feeling of plugging in your console after a long day at school or hanging out with your family over the weekend in a multiplayer mayhem. Our era today has improved video gaming a lot more than we can imagine decades back, and it has defined a culture of its own through avid gamers. Taking it up as a hobby to kill time during a long line at the University or simply playing with friends and classmates are always good reasons to play.


Hobbies You Should Try in College

Boardgames/Tabletop RPG

With the dawn of the digital gaming era, you might wonder at the notion of playing “dice-and-board” games like Arkham Horror or Mayhem, or the more familiar Monopoly. Meeting friends in boardgame cafes or exclusive tabletop clubs in your school can never be replaced by anything. RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons are becoming more popular as well, a way to express yourself through roleplay and competitive gaming at the same time. Also, it’s always awesome to see a shelf filled with these beautiful boardgames.

Hobbies You Should Try in College

Arts and Craft

If you’re the type of person who likes being rewarded for their work, arts and crafts may just be the thing for you. Paper mache, knitting, painting, drawing, or even the long-term projects of cross-stitching is a great way to get in touch with your artistic side and express your imagination. Some maybe even willing to buy your work! It doesn’t matter if your not particularly artistic, dozens of tutorial videos online or even communities involved in such hobbies can help you begin.

Hobbies You Should Try in College


You may have seen friends over social media enjoy themselves over short hikes over the countryside. You can try this as well, and for a change of scenery, this can be healthy for you both mentally and physically. A ride over the city or even the provinces can be fun with friends, and getting you in touch with your undiscovered nature-loving side.

Hobbies You Should Try in College


The language of the soul. Music can help you get your mind off your work for a while, recollecting your thoughts across a busy day at school. Learning a new instrument like guitars, drums, violins or piano can be rewarding in the future. And what more, this is a hobby you can easily access within school premises, for there is certainly a music club out there that can help you start somewhere.

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