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Top 10 Schools for Accounting

Angelo Jurane

Whether you love or hate accountants, one thing is clear there are a lot of them in the Philippines. Did you know that there are more than 175,000 CPAs or Certified Public Accountants registered in the country, according to the Board of Accountancy?

That may initially seem like a small number, but that only counts accountants who religiously renew their CPA license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) every year. That figure doesn’t include yet the thousands of CPA exam passers through the years who have decided not to renew their PRC licenses anymore.

The total number of Filipino CPAs surely runs in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even in millions, considering that every year more than 125,000 students enroll in an Accountancy degree in over 520 accounting schools nationwide.

The attrition, though, in Accountancy programs is heartbreaking. From the 125,000 enrolled Accounting students, did you know that only 14,000 actually get to graduate per year? That’s just 11% of the total students that enrolled in the Accounting program during their first year.

What about the CPA Board Exam? Well, the average number of passers is 8,200 each year. That means just one out of 3 Accountancy graduates get to pass the CPA Licensure Exam (CPALE)!

Indeed, it’s tough to pass the CPALE which proves that the job of an accountant is not an easy one either.

Do you want to know which universities in the Philippines are able to top the CPA Licensure Exam (CPALE) in the past years?

We compiled the data from previous CPA Licensure Exams to determine the top schools with the highest CPA Board Exam passing rates. Check out the list below to see if your school is one of the best Accountancy schools in the Philippines!

1. University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Board Exam Passing Rate: 99%

2. University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City

Board Exam Passing Rate: 98%

3. Adventist University of the Philippines, Silang

Board Exam Passing Rate: 97%

4. University of San Carlos, Cebu City

Board Exam Passing Rate: 97%

5. Kingfisher School of Business and Finance, Lucao

Board Exam Passing Rate: 96%

6. University of the Philippines Visayas - Tacloban College, Tacloban

Board Exam Passing Rate: 94%

7. University of Santo Tomas, Manila

Board Exam Passing Rate: 92%

8. Central Mindanao University, Maramag

Board Exam Passing Rate: 92%

9. De La Salle University, Manila 

Board Exam Passing Rate: 90%

10. Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City

Board Exam Passing Rate: 90%

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