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Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

Pao P

May it be for organizing one academic task after another, an aid for taking down notes during a lecture, checking out social media or just plain relaxation, a day in the life of a student is never complete without his trusted gadgets. As technology continues to grow, there are never enough pockets in your bag to get everything at once. So here we’ll streamline all the tech you need in one nifty list to get you through your academic day, without all the hassle:

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Smartphone

Well, duh. The smartphone is first on the list for a lot of reasons. Obviously, this will be your main companion throughout the day. This can serve as your basic communication device to Everyone knows how tedious it is to write down every single word on a separate note every time. With your trustworthy device at your side, you will be spared the hassle of carrying all those papers and reading materials, even save some of the cash by downloading those books instead. 

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Portable Hard Drive

Backing up your work often is a must especially when it comes to writing down those extremely long essays. Nothing is more dreadful than losing what you worked at overnight, or forgetting those hardcopies back at home. For those usually involved with rendering media projects, high storage capacity hard drives are recommended.

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Charging Backpack

How many times have you been inconvenienced by your gadgets suddenly going empty battery? No matter how powerful our devices may be, they are often limited by their battery capacities. This is where the charging backpack takes the spotlight, doubling as both a physical storage space for all your gadgets, charging them on the go can never be easier. And not to worry about those items getting snagged from behind you, too, for they often come with anti-theft system that prevents anyone from taking anything away.

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether wireless or headset, noise cancelling headphones can turn a student’s deadly boring day into his own personalized experience. In the same extent, it keeps your head between your shoulders in a very busy and hectic environment. Music is every student’s lifeline, and perhaps one of the newest necessities to every millenial out there. Besides, this is one of the most effective “shut up and don’t disturb me” signs you can put up out there.

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Wedge Reading Light

Lights off doesn't have to mean reading time is over. These godsend pocket lights make sure your study session goes on uninterrupted during the nights without disturbing your roommates. You can adjust the brightness to your own liking, and its relatively small size fits in any compartment you have available. Just make sure you don’t lose this along the way!

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Smart Pen

Keep your writing backed-up on the cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive, and never lose another note again. Smart pens are becoming a trend now that information is being shared at extremely fast rates, and our good ‘ol pens need catching up as well! It transfers whatever you write onto any device synced with it via bluetooth. Now, listening to lectures while you write things down can never be more convenient.

Essential Gadgets To Get Prepped For College

  1. Wireless Keyboard

Now that your keeping a phone or tablet instead of the bulky laptop, these wireless keyboard will make typing easier for you, may it be for researching online, note taking or writing emails. They sometimes even come as the durable, jelly-comb and foldable keyboards, that can snug fit into your backpack anytime.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.