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The Significance of Playing Sports, Now That You’re in College

Pao P

We view sports as many things; a way to stay in shape, a daily part of our lives to stay fit and in good health, or sometimes, it's something that your too busy to even be bothered thinking about. Let’s face it, College could be one the busiest chapter of your life.

Playing sports, you may have lived with or without it before, but contrary to popular belief; you will be needing it much, much more now that your in College. 

Many think that playing sports have the sole purpose of accomplishing those listed above, but it also teaches us important life values like responsibility, discipline, teamwork and confidence.


Studies have concluded that rigorous training and exercise improves blood flow through the brain, stimulating your mind which leads to enhanced memory, concentration and individuality. You will also find yourself with better problem-solving skills that could serve you in the long run, like during exams. To sum it up, improved mental skills are usually a by-product of playing sports.


The Significance of Playing Sports, Now That You’re in College

Exercising and recreational activities can be a way to alleviate the stress that comes with College life that is a plethora of exams, assignments and presentations. Throughout this ordeal, you’ll find yourself needing an outlet for all that emotional build-up. This can be helpful in reducing or even preventing anxiety and other mental health problems. And what else, it's fun and brings out the personality in you, improving your confidence as well.


Playing sports has a great impact as well from a social perspective, as it creates bonds and brings people together in a community. People often find it as the easiest way possible to make friends, making it one of the greatest mediums in creating connections between people from different walks of life. From my personal experience, as a Marketing Major, strong socialization skills are expected from me and my peers, which was something I did not have from the get go. I overthinked on how I can improve this, and eventually, I found out that people of the same interests in my P.E. class worked well together. Peers that I had who had a similar interest in basketball found it easier to open up to each other. It collectively taught us perseverance and how to deal with failure and disappointment. It gave me a positive attitude as a whole and I learned to believe in myself more.

The Significance of Playing Sports, Now That You’re in College

Students usually avoid playing sports for the reason of being lazy and thinking how it's such a worry among the multitude of things that they will be doing. The cramped schedules and the continuously stacked deadlines discourage College students from even thinking about it. However, this way of thinking that exercise leaves you exhausted of energy for other activities has been proven wrong by research. It actually serves as your momentum for the whole day as it begins pumping you up for less strenuous activities later. It makes your entire body a lot more active  and gives you MORE energy instead, fueling you for the busy college tasks at hand. In short, playing college sports has priceless advantage. Aside from just being fun, it improves your performance in school, helps you through stress and anxiety, makes you a team player, and provides you with the much needed energy. And all these also leads up to balance in your academics and your life.

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By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.