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Surviving Freshman Year Without Your Parents


So it is time to come up with a solid plan on how to live independently during your first year of college without relying on your friends and family back home. Here are some tips to help you survive your first year in college without them:

1. Know how to budget

Now that you are on your own, you should be able to learn how to budget your allowance well. Always set a spending limit on your food, groceries, transportation and keep track of your money’s outflows. This way, you can ensure that you allowance lasts for the whole week.

Surviving Freshman Year Without Your Parents

2. Make valuable friendships

Get to know your roommates and classmates, and build friendships. Participate in freshman orientations or gatherings that may help you get to know more people and socialize. Join organizations in line with your passion to get to know people whom you share similar interests with.

Surviving Freshman Year Without Your Parents

3. Manage your time well

Since academics and extracurricular activities get tougher in the collegiate level, you must be able to make sure that your time is enough and well-managed. Invest on a good planner as it comes handy in scheduling your tasks and making sure to get things done.

Surviving Freshman Year Without Your Parents

4. Keep track of your health

Now that no one’s there to constantly check up on you, you have to make it a habit to take care of your own health. Eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep to prevent illnesses. Also try to take supplements that could boost your energy and enrich you with nutrients.

Surviving Freshman Year Without Your Parents

5. Take a study break

Always remember not to be too hard on yourself in studying and take breaks from time to time. Study breaks prevent you from burnout and actually increase focus, reduce stress, and help you have more memory retention.

Surviving Freshman Year Without Your Parents

While independence may be too overwhelming at first, you will eventually get a hang of it once you’ve adjusted to your new environment. However, no matter how independent you’ll become, always remember to keep in touch with your parents and ask help when necessary.

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