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Mapping your Future: Planning and Preparing for College


Entering college is a fresh start to explore possibilities that will open and expose you to many great opportunities. In a nutshell, college culminates all the skills and hard work you’ve experienced in high school, and takes them into a higher level of complexity and difficulty. 

As early as high school, you should be able to craft a well-thought-out plan to ensure that that you maximize all the opportunities that will come your way. Here are five tips on how to plan for college: 

1. Know your field of interest.

No one wants to go to college completely unsure of what they want to major in. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses so that you have at least an idea of which career path to take. Also consider your interests and skills in deciding what course to take up. 

Mapping your Future: Planning and Preparing for College

2. Eye your target universities or colleges.

It is a must that you map out potential schools you want to get in. While there are thousands of colleges and universities in the world, it is better to come up with a shortlist of universities that you think are best suited for you and your field of interest. In looking for schools, you should be able to factor in some considerations such as academic performance, affordability, location, etc. 

Mapping your Future: Planning and Preparing for College

3. Prepare for college entrance tests.

Of course, before you enter the university you wish to study in, respective schools have their own set of requirements. A staple one is to pass their admission test. Prepare for the test accordingly and review general subjects such as science, mathematics, language, and logic. Practice with sample exams to familiarize yourself with various test formats that you may come across in applying for colleges. 

Mapping your Future: Planning and Preparing for College

4. Stay on track with your grades.

Some schools also take your grades and extracurricular activities into consideration. Study hard and maintain a high GPA as some college admission committees review students’ grades in their selection of potential students. Moreover, they also look at your extracurricular activities to know more about your interests and achievements. Make sure to participate in various extracurricular activities that may beef up your curriculum vitae. 

Mapping your Future: Planning and Preparing for College

5. Explore possible scholarships, grants, or financial aid.

Studying in college comes with a price. Financially capable or not, it is advised to explore financial aid opportunities that may help you and your family sustain your education. Scholarships and grants are offered by companies, government and even colleges themselves. Inquire about them beforehand and also come-up with a shortlist of their requirements so you can apply accordingly. 

Mapping your Future: Planning and Preparing for College

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