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45 Questions with Jane, Singapore (Singapore Institute of Technology)

Gloria Ho

Meet Jane. A current student at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), who is in her third year of Bachelor studies in Diagnostic Radiography. And she is a local student from Singapore. 


1. What school do you study in? 

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

2. Do you/others have a nickname for the school? 


3. Why did you choose this school? 

I chose it because it’s the only school in Singapore that offers this program. I’m the first batch of student in this program actually. 

Scene (Questions that give hints of the school culture) 

4. What is a scene that you often see in the school? 

I see people studying quite a lot and there’s also a lot of people who gym. 

5. What is one thing that you wish you knew before enrollment? 

I wish I had a clearer idea of how the curriculum will be structured. As we’re the first batch, the curriculum’s a bit messy even up till now. It’s still in the trial and error phase. 

6. Your school is great, but if you could change one thing, what would it be? 

The campus location. 

7.  And if there’s one thing you’d never change? 

My course mates.

8. The unofficial uniform of your school is? 

Various Singapore Institute of Technology T-shirts from different overseas programs. 

9. When you meet a new friend for the first time and you have to describe your school with one word, what would it be?


10. What is one place in the school that you are proud of? 

Discussion rooms. 

45 Questions with Jane, Singapore (Singapore Institute of Technology)One of the discussion room at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

11. If you could swap programs for a day, what would it be? 

I would perhaps try one of the engineering courses.

12. What is a common myth of your school? 

Most people think that SIT is like a conversion school for polytechnic students to get their degree but it’s more than that. 

13. If you ever had to stay in school past 9pm, what would it be because of? 

Studying, I always study in school past 9pm. 

14. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the school? 

Nothing so far. 

15. What is your one guilty pleasure you indulge in in school? 

Eating in class during lectures. 

16. If you were given $5 million dollars to revamp the school, what would you do with it? 

Upgrade the facilities. 

17. In between classes, where can we find you? 

Either the canteen or the library. At SIT @ Singapore Polytechnic (SP), we share a library with SP students. We do have our own library at the Dover campus but it’s quite small.

Tips (Info for future students) 

18. What is the best place to be as one with your laptop and lecture recordings? 

Discussion rooms. 

19. In the occasion that the school has to downsize till only ONE food place remains, what will it be? 

Food Court 3 in Singapore Polytechnic. The banmian and chicken rice is good. 

45 Questions with Jane, Singapore (Singapore Institute of Technology)Food Court 3 in Singapore Polytechnic20. For free electricity in the school, where would you go to? 

Most study benches have electrical plugs.

45 Questions with Jane, Singapore (Singapore Institute of Technology)Study benches at Singapore Polytechnic

Programs & Electives

21. What program are you in? 

Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography

22. Is this related to your dream job? 

Yes, I want to work in the healthcare sector but I don’t have a specific job in mind yet and Diagnostic Radiography seem interesting. 

23. Do you know the actual value of your degree? 

$9K per year after subsidies from the government.

24. Do you think a degree in your course is cost efficient in terms of the quality of education you are receiving versus what you are paying? 

I think that it’s ok but there are still some things lacking in terms of reference resources. Our library don’t have access to a lot of journals so it may be hard to get research done.

25. In your opinion, how much should a degree in your program cost? 

Current price is reasonable. 

26. What is the most unforgettable module you have taken? 

General Radiography modules which are also my core modules. Its what we will use when we go out to the working world.

27. If you could be exempted from any module in your program, what would it be? 

The research module. For this module, we learn things like what kind of research studies are out there, how to analyse data etc. but it wasn’t well planned so I didn’t enjoy it. 

28.What advice would you give to future students about module selection and planning? 

We cannot choose modules/timeslot. As we’re the first batch of this course, a lot of things are fixed. 

29. If you had to choose one, would you advise a Singapore Junior College (JC)  or Polytechnic (poly) student to join your program? 

I think that if you were from the biomedical/bioengineering/pharmacological science courses in polytechnic OR if you took Physics in junior college, you would do better in this course. 

30. In what scenarios will any student be exempted from any modules? 

For now there's no exemptions maybe because we’re the first batch of students. In time to come, there might be?

31. Theory vs. Practical. In what ratio would you say your program content is? 


32. On a scale of 1 – 10, how employable do you think students from your program are? 


33. Name 3 job fields people from your program go into. 

People end up working in hospitals, private clinics or join the private sector to work on application development.

34. Favorite Professor? 

Ms. Sng Li Hoon – she teaches us the general radiography modules. 

35. What is one thing that most people don’t know about your program? 

People get confused about our role. It says diagnostic radiography but for now we are just performing the imaging but we don’t get to report/analyse the image. That is still done by the doctors. 

36. Ideal tutorial class size versus reality?

Ideal: 20 students

Reality: The current class size is quite ideal if people go for their allocated classes. A lot of times people go for classes that are not allocated to them because they don’t want to wake up early for the morning class etc.   

37. Given a chance to go on exchange, which country would you choose? 

Australia, for my personal interest.

38. Common exam formats include: 

We mostly do case reports but at the end of the term, we also have written exams of short and long answer questions.

Extra-Curriculum & Other Schools Activities

39. Outside of the curriculum, do you have any other commitments in school? 


40. Would you say that it is difficult to manage both studies and other school activities? 

Yes, that’s why I don’t have one. 

41. In your opinion, are there enough clubs & societies in school for students to choose from? 

There are quite a few CCAs and also interest groups but I think there could be more. For example, I was from the Chinese Orchestra previously and was quite bummed to find out that there isn’t a Chinese Orchestra or symphonic band club/CCA here.

42. How do you think an Extra-Curriculum Activity add value to a student's overall experience? 

It will make your experience more fruitful and you get to make more friends. 

43. The most memorable school event that you have attended would be: 

Orientation camp.

44. If you had to pay to NOT attend a particular event in school, what will it be? 

Certain talks can be quite dry but it’s not really school wide. 

45. Is the school doing enough to engage students? 

Yes, they always gather feedbacks but they don’t really act on it. It will take awhile I guess.


Works as Marketing Executive at NI Galactica Pte Ltd