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45 Questions with Farashilah, Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic)

Gloria Ho

Meet Farashilah. A current student at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), who is in her third year of Diploma studies in Business Management. And she is a local student from Singapore. 


1. What school do you study in? 

Nanyang Polytechnic

2. Do you/others have a nickname for the school? 


3. Why did you choose this school? 

I was choosing between Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)’s business course but chose NYP’s in the end because of their dual specialization option.

Scene (Questions that give hints of the school culture) 

4. What is a scene that you often see in the school? 

People dancing around different parts of the school, partly due to the mirrors all around school.

5. What is one thing that you wish you knew before enrollment? 

The distance. I live quite far from school and I thought it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s now dreadful and we still have to walk a short distance from the MRT. I still think it’s quite accessible as compared to other polytechnics though. 

6. Your school is great, but if you could change one thing, what would it be? 

How it looks. I feel like if you compare our school to other schools, it looks quite run down from the outside. 

7.  And if there’s one thing you’d never change? 

The facilities and the availability of study spaces around school.

8. The unofficial uniform of your school is? 

Casual outfits. 

9. When you meet a new friend for the first time and you have to describe your school with one word, what would it be? 

Collective. There are always a lot of events going on in the school all the time. Everyone’s working with each other and involved in something.

10. What is one place in the school that you are proud of? 

The atrium.

45 Questions with Farashilah, Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic)The atrium of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

11. If you could swap programs for a day, what would it be? 

Maybe try something in the design school. 

12. What is a common myth of your school? 

A lot of people think that students from Nanyang Polytechnic are not very intellectual because of our school ranking but I feel that it’s not true as results are very much based on individuals. 

13. If you ever had to stay in school past 9pm, what would it be because? 

To study or for CCA.

14. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the school? 


15. What is your one guilty pleasure you indulge in in school? 

Food. I love going to Cheers during break to get more food. 

45 Questions with Farashilah, Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic)Cheers convenience store at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

16. If you were given $5 million dollars to revamp the school, what would you do with it? 

Renovate the CCA block and provide more facilities for the arts and clubs. The space available now is quite small space. For example, the school can add some dance studios or a blackbox?

17. In between classes, where can we find you? 

Study spaces around school or canteens.

45 Questions with Farashilah, Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic)Study spaces around Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Tips (Info for future students) 

18. What is the best place to be as one with your laptop and lecture recordings? 

Food Central. But sometimes it can get noisy. Labs on the 5th floor. Outside lecture theatres. Or the library. 

45 Questions with Farashilah, Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic)Library of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

19. In the occasion that the school has to downsize till only ONE food place remains, what will it be? 

I would say Koufu, because I love the Western stall there. Also because Koufu has more halal food options. 

45 Questions with Farashilah, Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic)Western food stall in Koufu of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

20. For free electricity in the school, where would you go to? 

All around school we have the power plugs. 

Programs & Electives

21. What program are you in? 

Diploma in Business Management. 

22. Is this related to your dream job? 

I chose this program as it’s a more general course. My specialisations are Supply Chain and International Business yet I want to pursue journalism. 

23. Do you know the actual value of your diploma? 

I pay about $1300 per semester.

24. Do you think a diploma in your course is cost efficient in terms of the quality of education you are receiving versus what you are paying? 

Yes, I really love the facilities they offer and I love being in school to study. 

25. In your opinion, how much should a degree in your program cost? 

I’m not too sure but in terms of the content we get it’s useful so I will leave it as it is. 

26. What is the most unforgettable module you have taken? 

Integrated Marketing Communications.         

27. If you could be exempted from any module in your program, what would it be? 

The supply chain modules. 

28.What advice would you give to future students about module selection and planning? 

We don’t get to choose modules. But in terms of my course we can choose specialisations. 

29. If you had to choose one, would you advise a Singapore Junior College (JC)  or Polytechnic (poly) student to join your program? 


30. In what scenarios will any student be exempted from any modules? 


31. Theory vs. Practical. In what ratio would you say your program content is? 


32. On a scale of 1 – 10, how employable do you think students from your program are? 

6-7 because you will need experience to be employed which fresh graduates may not have.

33. Name 3 job fields people from your program go into.

Customer Service

Supply Chain 

Human Resource

34. Favorite Professor? 

Mr Jeoffrey – he didn’t exactly teach me but when I was doing my teaching enterprise program, he was my mentor. 

35. What is one thing that most people don’t know about your program? 

Business might sound generic but in reality, the workload is crazy and the school heavily focuses on presentations.

36. Ideal tutorial class size versus reality?

Ideal: 20 students

Reality: ~30 students

37. Given a chance to go on exchange, which country would you choose? 

London, mostly for personal interest.

38. Common exam formats include: 

Open ended questions. 

Extra-Curriculum & Other Schools Activities

39. Outside of the curriculum, do you have any other commitments in school? 

I used to be in the stage arts theatre and management club.

40. Would you say that it is difficult to manage both studies and other school activities? 

Yes, I was in the committee so it’s even hard to balance out studies and CCA.

41. In your opinion, are there enough clubs & societies in school for students to choose from? 

Yes, our school has a lot of CCAs that cater to a lot of students and there’s a lot of personal interest clubs. 

42. How do you think a Extra-Curriculum Activity add value to a student's overall experience? 

You make a lot of friends and form connections so it makes it easier for you to ask for help if you need it.  

43. The most memorable school event that you have attended would be: 

Student Life carnival, it’s really fun with a lot of performances. All the student life kind of events are great and even though I’m not a part of any cca anymore, I can still be involved.

44. If you had to pay to NOT attend a particular event in school, what will it be? 

During orientation there was this innovation program or something, it was so boring and it was on the first day of orientation so it was really bad. 

45. Is the school doing enough to engage students? 

Yes, we always have feedback sessions and the school makes sure you do it. 


Works as Marketing Executive at NI Galactica Pte Ltd