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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to College

OSAU Angel

College is where some of us gets a chance to truly discover ourselves. If in high school we are taught to be well-disciplined and should attain a certain GPA, in college it is completely the other way around. As a college student, you can enhance your learning abilities and develop your skills as you begin to expand your horizons into a much larger scale. In the 4 (or more) years you will spend here, it is essential that you best prepare for the next chapter of your life. Here are 10 things I wish I knew before going to college: 

1. Know if the major you want to take best fits you. 

Choosing your major can be stressful but take your time to know what major fits you the best. Some flowers bloom earlier than others so don’t be in a hurry! Just remember to choose what major fits you the best.  

2. Be meticulous in choosing the university. 

Universities have different cultures that may affect who you are. Some cultures adhere to activism while some concentrate themselves in religious teachings. Be sure to be meticulous in choosing not only what the university can offer academically, but to your personality development as well. 

3. Know how to choose the right professor.  

The right professor may help you hone your skills and enhance your learning abilities. Choosing a professor enables you to venture out of your comfort zone and tailor-fit your college life that goes beyond just attaining a high GPA but to truly learn and apply these learnings outside of the classroom. 

4. Be cautious in choosing student organizations.   

There are student organizations that benefit you. They become a platform in which you can practice and apply your learnings outside of the classroom.  

 5. Time management and schedule planning. 

Time management is the key to enjoying your life as a college student. Learn how to schedule your classes and extracurricular activities so you will still have time to enjoy what the college culture has to offer.  

6. Proper budgeting.  

If you’re living away from home, budgeting your allowance is a must! Unfortunately, college can be a burden financially so knowing how to budget and save is a life-saver (especially for emergencies).  

7. Freshman 15 is real-ish 

College culture may come as a shock to most of the students (especially for the freshmen), so try to stay disciplined to your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle because college life can be stressful at times.  

8. Explore outside of your chosen major and try new things.  

College is not the place to be restricted to your major alone. It is a place where you can venture beyond your expected profession or field of interest. A science major can try enrolling in communication courses to best deliver his or her researches to an academic review panel. Don’t be afraid to explore outside of your major for it can help develop your skills to improve yourself in the profession you want to be in. 

9. Stay true to your identity and know that cliques are not important in life.  

College is all about living your own life and being unique. So don’t worry if you have lesser friends than in high school, just remember that your friends in college will embrace and accept who you are as a person.  

10. Health is important, no matter what the cost.  

Whether you have papers to write or exams to study for, if your body can no longer take it, don’t push it. You are better off alive and able to regain what you missed in a class rather than be dead to have it completed.  

Beyond these 10 things, there are a lot more that I wish I knew before going to college. But part of the fun was getting to realize and discover these things while I am still in college. Remember not to stress out or be worried of what lies ahead in college. After all, this is just another chapter in your life so never forget to live the most out of it.