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How to Choose the Best Professor


During your college years, one of the most essential aspects to enhance your learning abilities and to practice your skill sets in your chosen major is to choose the right college professor.  

Professors play an important role in the performance of students. The students become more motivated especially if they have already gained a rapport with their professor. They seem to be free and confident in expressing themselves inside the classroom. Once the students have had the chance to choose their professor, it promotes a non-threatening learning environment. Meaning, it eliminates the students' anxieties and doubts that limit them to do their best. 

In some universities, there would be a fixed professor in a subject you wish to enroll in. However, if yours is a university that allows students to choose their own professors, then this article will help you in deciding how and who to pick. 

By having the liberty to choose your professor, you can choose one that fits your schedule with the consideration that the subject might be too heavy on workload for a morning class or too tiring and exhausting for an evening class.  

As a student, you can also tailor-fit your learning needs by choosing the professor that best suites it. If you’re the kind of student that learns a lot through room exercises and field activities, choose a more dynamic professor. If by chance you learn better in an environment that challenges and constantly tests your capability as a student, then choose a strict or a ‘terror’ of a professor.  

There are several platforms in which you can discover the abilities and characteristics you seek in a professor.   

1. Reliable online websites

How to Choose the Best Professor 

Through reliable online websites, they can provide professor ratings and student evaluations by those who have previously taken their course. Some of these notable online websites include: 

  • Rate My Professors is recognized as the largest online destination for professor ratings that was built “for college students, by college students”;  
  • MyEdu claims to be the only community that works directly with universities to post the actual end-of-semester course and professor evaluations filled out by students during the end of their classes; and 
  • Koofers, a hybrid of Rate My Professor and MyEdu, which provides average class GPAs and additional information about exams, quizzes, class projects as well as extra credit opportunities.  


2. Ask students

How to Choose the Best Professor

Aside from online platforms, one of the best ways to know which professor is right for you is by asking students. This can be either your student adviser or the students that had previously taken the course you wish to enroll in.  

The student adviser will be able to guide you in knowing which professors are best suited for your learning needs. By asking them, you get a first-hand insight on which professors would demand requirements, be strict with deadlines, perform dynamic activities for the class or refer mostly to readings as discussions and lectures.  

When in doubt, you can also ask students within a particular major for professor recommendations. Asking from students is necessary for you to receive a students’ perspective whether would the professor be the right one for you, in consideration of your schedule, workload, personality, and learning needs.  

Once you have found a platform in which you can access professor evaluations and recommendations, you can now proceed in identifying the abilities and characteristics you look for in a professor.   

Overall, choosing the right professor depends on how you are as a student. You had to choose one that best caters to your learning needs and allows you to practice your skill set beyond the classroom. There are a variety of professors and so much so, a variety of students as well.

Some professors might be able to help you learn while some might be a bit more difficult to deal with. They might be right for others but might not be preferred by you. It’s essential that you identify your needs as a student to choose the right professor to best prepare you for what’s in store after graduating college. After all, college is just an educational institution but the professors, they are the ones whom you will really learn from and be educated by. 

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