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8 Reasons Why You Should Join a Student Club or Organization


It’s not easy to be a college student. You need to balance academics, sometimes work, family and other commitments. Dealing with student organizations is not easy as one-two-three but it is worth the time and effort as it will mold you into an individual who can conquer every challenge in life. The learning that you can get from these activities is something that cannot be taught in the four corners of the classroom.

Depending on the organization, it can have an impact to your choice of career, to your academics, boosting your self-esteem and confidence, and finding new friends with same interests in a positive way. Here are some of the reasons why joining an organization is worth the space in your schedule:

1. You get to develop your skills and know more about yourself. 

Student organizations present with you opportunities to learn more about who you are, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and how you deal with other people. It also lets you think about your skill set and your work ethic. 

Before joining a student organization, assess yourself on where do you want to join. Do I join an organization centered on academics? Or go extra and join a debate club? More than knowing about yourself, you get to also improve your set of skills and learn new skills in an organization. 

This self-awareness and skill-building will be beneficial in choosing and getting in the right path and career for yourself. 

2. You’ll also learn and engage with diverse groups of people.

Being in a student organization gives you the opportunity to know different people from different backgrounds, letting you meet different perspectives as well. You’ll also develop your people or soft skills, learning how to effectively communicate with individuals and large groups. 

Learning directly how different people respond to situations will help you develop your skills in implementing ideas. They also provide the opportunity to learn more about different cultural backgrounds and celebrate diversity. 

Aside from this, an organization puts you in a situation where you are required to work with other people, which is essential in any career. Working with a team creates synergy and enhances efficiency, and gives any individual the chance to rely on others for support. 

3. It will help you expand your network.

Organizations give you the opportunity to build your network. Meeting new people, adding them to your connection and building new relationships will help you when you’re looking for a job. 

Since all of you are part of the same organization, the people you meet have the same interests as you, making these connections valuable. 

4. You will gain leadership skills. 

Organizations give you the opportunity to become a leader or an officer, helping you develop leadership skills valuable to all areas of your career and life. Opportunities will help you improve your public speaking and problem solving skills, and gain self-esteem as an individual. Being a leader improves how you manage your time, and connect and lead individuals. 

5. Break from your studies

Although it sounds frightening that organizations may take too much time from you and thus ruin your studies, organizations actually give you a break from schoolwork. Having a break every now and then from academics is beneficial to improving your mind. You’ll be able to socialize and share your deepest sentiments with friends and learn more from them about your academics. 

6. Resume building

It’s no denying that organizations look good on a résumé. Employers often know about your skills such as time management and handling multiple responsibilities when they see that you participated in an organization. 

Aside from this, choosing an organization based on your degree will give you experience on your chosen field. You’ll get to use the skills you learned in class directly to your organization and vice versa. This experience will help you as well in your chosen career path. 

7. Building a sense of community

Organizations provide opportunities such as sponsoring of events, hosting charity drives and doing volunteer work to give back to others. This is not only good for the society but also rewards yourself through values. 

8. You’ll have fun and find a new home in your university.

Certainly not the least, organizations provide an avenue for you to have fun by meeting peers and participating in activities of your interest. They also provide you a new home you can consider in your university. 


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