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39 Questions with Patricia, Singapore (Kaplan Singapore)

Gloria Ho

Meet Patricia. A current student at Kaplan Singapore, who is in her 1st year of Diploma studies in Psychology prior to pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well. Prior to entering Kaplan, she graduated from Yishun Junior College. And she is a local student from Singapore. 


1. What school do you study in? 


2. Do you/others have a nickname for the school? 


3. Why did you choose this school? 

The school fees here is cheaper as compared to other private universities and the programme duration is relatively shorter as well.

Scene (Questions that give hints of the school culture) 

4. What is a scene that you often see in the school? 

People studying.

5. What is one thing that you wish you knew before enrollment? 

That school life is very fast paced here.

6. Your school is great, but if you could change one thing, what would it be?

Assignments deadline/system. The assignment deadlines are very packed. Each term is only about 2 months and although we know about the assignments from day 1, we can only start on it 3-4 weeks after the start of the term. And usually we only have 2-3 weeks to work on it before having to submit assignments before our finals at the end of the term.

7.  And if there’s one thing you’d never change? 

The modules. Modules here are quite interesting. 

8. The unofficial uniform of your school is? 

I don’t think there’s an unofficial uniform here. Students dress quite diversely.

9. When you meet a new friend for the first time and you have to describe your school with one word, what would it be?


10. What is one place in the school that you are proud of? 

The Library @ POMO (Level 6)

11. If you could swap programs for a day, what would it be? 

I’m currently studying Psychology but I’m not too sure what other programs are being offered here.

12. What is a common myth of your school? 

I think this is a myth for all private universities, that we are not as good as local universities. 

13. If you ever had to stay in school past 9pm, what would it be because? 

Project work. 

14. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the school? 


15. What is your one guilty pleasure you indulge in in school? 

Nothing much. 

16. If you were given $5 million dollars to revamp the school, what would you do with it? 

Buy more books for the library as the selection is quite limited now. A lot of books that I need for my programme are not available. 

17. In between classes, where can we find you? 

Student Lounge or at the shops in POMO buying snacks. 

39 Questions with Patricia, Singapore (Kaplan Singapore)7-ELEVEN convenience store at POMO mall near the campus of KAPLAN Singapore

Tips (Info for future students) 

18. What is the best place to be as one with your laptop and lecture recordings? 


19. In the occasion that the school has to downsize till only ONE food place remains, what will it be? 

Parklane’s Thai food because it’s affordable. 

20. For free electricity in the school, where would you go to? 

Library or student lounge.

39 Questions with Patricia, Singapore (Kaplan Singapore)Student lounge in KAPLAN Singapore 

Programs & Electives

21. What program are you in? 


22. Is this related to your dream job? 

Yes, I want to go into the field of social work or possibly join the Singapore Police Force. 

23. Do you know the actual value of your degree? 

I’m paying $5K for 8 months (Diploma) and the degree I’m intending to take costs $27K for 20 months. (It’s usually 20 months because I am currently taking the Diploma course, if not it would be 24 months).

24. Do you think a degree in your course is cost efficient in terms of the quality of education you are receiving versus what you are paying? 


25. In your opinion, how much should a degree in your program cost? 

In my opinion, the Bachelor’s degree should cost about $20K for the whole duration of 2 years.

26. What is the most unforgettable module you have taken? 

Mental Health.

27. If you could be exempted from any module in your program, what would it be? 

Psychological Research Methods and Analysis. 

28.What advice would you give to future students about module selection and planning? 

Don’t work part time during your first term, try to manage your time well and do take note to constantly revise. 

29. If you had to choose one, would you advise a Singapore Junior College (JC)  or Polytechnic (poly) student to join your program? 

No difference. 

30. In what scenarios will any student be exempted from any modules? 

If you’ve taken psychology in Polytechnic, the Bachelor’s degree will only take you 16 months instead of the usual 24 months. 

31. Theory vs. Practical. In what ratio would you say your program content is? 

At my current Diploma level, the programme content is more about theory so, 7:3.

32. On a scale of 1 – 10, how employable do you think students from your program are? 


33. Name 3 job fields people from your program go into.

Human Resource


Social Work

34. Favorite Professor? 

None so far as I’m only in my 1styear.

35. What is one thing that most people don’t know about your program? 

People usually associate psychology with reading minds but it’s actually not true as it’s mostly about research and observations. 

36. Ideal tutorial class size versus reality?

Ideal: 20-25

Reality: Varies across modules due to different intakes and cohorts and it can range from 20 students to even 70 students.

37. Given a chance to go on exchange, which country would you choose? 

United Kingdom as I’ve heard that their psychology programs are good. 

38. Common exam formats include: 

Usually it’s 20 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 short essay questions. The essay questions usually consists about 3 parts. 

39. How has your experience at Kaplan been so far?

 It’s been great, interesting but also quite stressful and here are some pointers that I feel may be useful to prospective students.

Classes are usually in 3 different time slots – 8.30am, 12.30pm, 3.15pm (for full time students)

Diplomas are issued under Kaplan itself but at the degree level, students can be under different schools within Kaplan. For example, the Psychology program that I am intending to take is under Murdoch University. 

For the Psychology degree that I’m intending to pursue, they do not accept ‘A’ level graduates directly. Therefore, I had to take this Diploma in Psychology before I can enrol for the Bachelor’s. 


Works as Marketing Executive at NI Galactica Pte Ltd