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Ways to Increase your Odds of Success at Community College


Community colleges are institutions that offer education which is much cheaper than universities and colleges that offer four-year degrees. These schools offer high-quality education, offer a diverse environment for different races, ages, religions, ethnicity and career aspirations.  

Much like pursuing any degree, becoming successful in a community college is not that different from that of a bachelor’s degree; in fact, it offers us more time to explore and gather experiences to aid for our future career. 

If you decide that community college is the right next tip for you, here are some ways how you can succeed in community college and beyond:

1. Get off on the right foot

Research on the different community colleges around your area or where you plan to study. Know your campus and the resources they have, make them work to your advantage from research to other academics. Finding the right community college will help you have a meaningful and successful experience. 

2. Start early and be prepared

No matter the responsibility, don’t cram or procrastinate. Studies show that punctual students are more successful. Aside from that, cramming can also affect your lifestyle. Crammers usually stay up late or not sleep at all to submit a requirement. Sleeping late will have a negative impact on your life - you won’t be able to focus much on your studies or classes and more. So try to do your requirements as early as possible. You may think it is impossible, but it’s not. Just manage your time properly. 

3. Take the course

Keep on taking subjects, don’t be afraid of its difficulty or grades. Remember that grades will not define your success as well, but your performance and attitude will get you very far. Taking a classes will also help you gain knowledge on different aspects of your life. It will broaden your understanding on your culture, society, and even politics.  

4. Build connections

Make connections, build relationships, grow, and communicate with the people around you. Join organizations or participate in extracurricular. Doing so will widen your network of friends. But more than that, initiating a friendship will also help develop your personality.  

Don’t be afraid of your professors. They will contribute to your growth, listen to their advice, and accept their help. Once you build rapport with your professor, it will be easier to ask help and references from them. 

Your friends can also be a source for connections. Connections are important especially if you’re a college student. At some point of your life, you will need to interview someone from a specific field or you just need connections for a possible job opening - your friends and connections can help you during these times.  

5.  Appreciate feedback and don't quit.  

Do not take feedback or criticisms personally. These are opportunities to grow and improve on one’s self and product. Whatever people say about you or your work, take this as a chance for you to improve yourself. Listen to your family, friends, colleagues, or professors - all they want is for you to succeed and better yourself.  

Whatever problems you have right now, now that there is always tomorrow for you to improve and learn from your mistakes. Life is a roller coaster and it will always have its downs. Enjoy the ups, but don’t let it become an act of complacency. 

Put your best in everything and just keep pushing no matter how difficult it may be.  

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