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5 Things You Have to Look Forward to in College


"College is the best four years of your life."

As you enter your first year in college, you may be feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I’m sure you’ve done your research and heard stories about the fun parties you can go to or the classes that your school offers, but leaving the comfort of your own home and leaving some of your friends behind can be a little scary. Your feelings about this step are probably all over the place. But one thing is for sure, you will come out of this with life lessons that are priceless. So here are five things you can look forward to in college to help you calm your nerves: 

1. Independence 

You probably know by now that in college, you may not live with your parents. That means you have the freedom to do what you want. But knowing that you have the freedom does not mean that you should neglect all your other responsibilities. You also have to make sure that you balance your time between academic and social life.  

Independence in college means you have to do your own laundry or your other chores and pay your own bills if you have any. While all of this may sound scary and stressful, this freedom will only prepare you for your future - once you graduate and have your own life. And there is no need to be scared when it comes to living independently because you get to understand and know how you want things to be done. For example, when you are studying for a final exam. You may realize that you can’t study with a messy and noisy surroundings, or that you can’t study when you’re in your own room. When it comes to partying, you know how much alcohol you can tolerate or you know what the best hangover cure is for you.  

Knowing what works best for you when you live independently takes time. It’s not an overnight process but it can be an eye opener once you figure things out.  

2. Meeting new people

If in high school you wanted to be comfortable and stay with the same group of friends. It’s an entirely new thing once you get to college. In college, you will meet different kinds of people from different places - in your dorm, your classes, in extracurricular activities or clubs, even right outside your class building. Your get to experience a lot with your different set of friends. For example, your friends in your dorm are your go-to people when you have problems. Or your friends in your extracurricular clubs are there for you when you need a new setting besides academics. Or if you need help with some of your schoolwork, your friends from your classes can just be a message away.  

Knowing that you have people to run to or people to talk to in college is a great stress reliever. They know what it’s like to juggle college life with social life, work life or any other responsibilities so they understand what you are going through.  

3. Extracurricular activities

As they say, college is all about trying new things. Colleges and universities offer an array of extracurricular activities you can join, from athletics to the Greek life. Joining extracurricular activities helps you maintain your sanity, for real. If you’re stressed out with home works, exams, or projects, then you can easily take a break and spend time doing what you enjoy.  

In addition, extracurricular clubs help you prepare for the real world. For example, some clubs organize events. Hence, manpower is needed to make the event successful. In this case, you can help with the planning, marketing, and publicity of your events - or even on the day of the event itself. There are so many opportunities to hone your skills when you join a club or organization, and all of these will prepare you for the future you plan to have.  

4. Campus traditions

Every college or university has their own tradition, but it will definitely be an experience you will not want to miss. From supporting your school teams to participating in a trivia contest, school traditions help welcome you and make you feel at home. And the best part, some of these traditions give out free food!  

5. Experience 

Probably the one thing that you must look forward to is the experience that college has to offer. College experience can mean anything to anyone, it can be attending wild parties, going home at the wee hours of the morning and attending a 7 am class, meeting new people, or just simply what the college education has to offer. But one thing is for sure, college is definitely a worthwhile experience.  

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