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Things to Keep in Mind When Pursuing a Career in Arts


Being an artist requires hard work, determination and above all – passion.

So you’ve decided to study and pursue a career in the arts, but you’ve read and heard stories that push you to say no. A lot of people have been telling you that you won’t earn money once you graduate, or that you won’t get a lot of opportunities. But if art is really your passion and if you have confidence in yourself, pursuing a career in arts can be rewarding.

However, being a successful artist can be hard, but so is pursuing a medical profession. In short, nothing in life goes easy. But if you do work hard, have perseverance and use your skills and knowledge wisely, then maybe you will succeed.

Nowadays, artists have a lot of opportunities. With the help of technology, artists can now have a platform to showcase their talents to people all over the world. You are not only limited to painting, but you can also be a graphic designer, illustrator, website designer, game designers, or focus on photography, interior design, clothing design, and more. So don’t lose hope, and check out the list below for things you should remember if you do pursue to study arts.

1. Not everyone will get your work and that’s okay.

If you get the opportunity to showcase your work, then do it. But if you’re scared of what people might think or if they might judge it, don’t. Art is meant to questions things about your society or the current political situation, and more. But remember, you can’t always please everyone and that someone out there appreciates your art and the effort you’ve put into it.

2. Sometimes you won’t be in the mood to create things.

You might think that life will be easy because you’re doing what you’re passionate about, but in reality, it might not. We will all have our bad days, and maybe that bad day will come at a time when you need to create things.

If this happens, don’t force yourself. Take a rest and go out with your friends or significant other. The important thing is, we will all get drained, whether or not we love what we do, and that’s okay.

3. Patience

If you’re taking too long to finish one work or if you haven’t gotten your big break yet, don’t panic. All these will take time but don’t give up. Instead, go out, explore new things, and create new works. You never know, you might just have your big break with your new and inspired creation.

4.  Create good working connections.

Having connections in the field is always helpful. You get to know more about the industry and at the same time, you build your network for future use. You can use this network for possible partnerships or job opportunities. Just don’t close your doors to meeting new people, whether they are in the industry or not.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Life is a roller coaster, and you will fail a lot and in all aspects -in your academics, friendships, even in your career. If you do fail, don’t panic. Use these to your advantage ­and learn from it. You aren’t the only one going through tough times, know that the best authors or painters have experienced this and yet they still managed to get back up. Never give up on your dreams. If you fail, remember that there is always another day for you to succeed. 

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