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Effective Time Management Tips for College Students


At times it may seem as though the pile of work you have is insurmountable. School gets hectic as to-do lists suddenly grow longer and deadlines inch closer. Activities such as involvement in clubs and extracurricular can lessen one’s time for studying, causing many students to cram late at night till the wee hours of the morning.

Often, even when one’s schedule is composed of solely academics, the student is spread out thinly across different requirements. Fatigue and stress overwhelm students as each attend class while being too exhausted to function.

These all-nighters and cramming can be avoided by using one’s time effectively through these tips:

1. Write down everything

Effective Time Management Tips for College StudentsThis way, students would not forget to do any task and will be able to see a clear picture of what should be accomplished. Having a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule would be a great help.

Write down due dates of projects and assignments and test dates, as well as things needed for extracurricular. With a to-do list, you will know what to prioritize in your personal schedules in terms of urgency. Such breakdown of events will allow you to effectively allocate their time for certain responsibilities.

2. Follow a schedule

Effective Time Management Tips for College StudentsUpon knowing what things must be done, you must know in what order these things should be done as well. Some prefer to do hard tasks first while others prefer simple ones, and this all depends on your personal study strategy. However, students must take note to not underestimate or overestimate what they can accomplish in a day.

3. Stay organized

Effective Time Management Tips for College Students

When tackling big, heavy tasks, students can get overwhelmed and avoid doing the tasks. Break down big tasks into smaller tasks and work your way through. Doing this can lighten the load on your shoulders and get rid of feeling intimidated.

Breaking down these tasks can also help you avoid cramming. Accomplishing a big task little by little would also help you do it with better quality and in a more detailed and organized manner.

4. Isolate yourself from distractions

Effective Time Management Tips for College Students

Another good tip for time management would be to isolate oneself from distractions. When it is time to study, put away anything that could distract you from accomplishing tasks, such as phones and books unrelated to the task. These objects should not let one lose track of time and get behind schedule.

5. Try different study techniques

Effective Time Management Tips for College StudentsWhen unmotivated to study, try to change things up. If studying at home doesn’t help, try studying at a library or a cafe as a change in environment can motivate students to do work.

If the way you studies for tests is wearying, look up online for different study techniques. Everyone learns and memorizes in different ways so try finding a study strategy that is most helpful and relevant to oneself. Do not feel restricted to one way of doing things especially if it does not allow you to maximize your time. It is good to be open to change up study routines and habits.

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