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Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a College Dorm


Living in a dorm is an exciting time for college students but for some, it can be quite challenging. You’re away from your parents, hence, you have to step up and do the chores on your own. But if you initially thought that you can eat whatever and ignore cleaning up, you’re wrong. College dorms are not the cleanest and healthiest places, but you can do your part to keep it clean and a safer place for you to stay at. Just because you live in a dorm it does not mean you have to give up your health.

You may think that by keeping your things dust free will suffice, but there are also other small details you should pay attention to when it comes to keeping a clean environment. And, as college students, you won’t have all the time in the world. So, as early as possible, it’s better to practice healthy habits that you can keep all throughout your college life or even up to your adult life. Some easy behaviors you can practice to stay healthy include: 

1. Don’t forget to eat nutritious food

Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a College Dorm 

Maintaining a healthy diet while you’re out in college is a challenge. Some don’t have the option to cook their own meals, while others live in a dorm without the option of having healthy foods. A perfect alternative is to stock up on healthy snacks. If possible, you can also visit your dining hall and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Aside from eating healthy meals, you should always remember to drink lots of water. Water helps keep your body free from toxins, and also give you an acne-free skin.  

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a College Dorm 

Personal hygiene is very important, especially if you live in college dorms. You will live with a thousand other students in one building and you’ll be sharing the same spaces - just imagine the atmosphere and environment you’ll be staying in. Since you can’t control how other people live their life, start on your own. Never share your personal items with other people - this includes towels, toothbrushes, hair brushes, utensils, and others.  Always wear flip flops in the shower. Communal showers aren’t the cleanest places, especially if you live in a college dorm. So to make sure that you avoid making contact with unwanted organisms and infections, always wear flip flops in the shower.  

3. Regularly wash your sheets

Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a College Dorm 

If you think you can get away with washing your own sheets until the end of the semester, you’re wrong. Yes, washing your sheets can be a pain - you need to bring them all the way down to the laundry room and then bring them up back again. But, what you probably didn’t know is that dust mites, bacteria, and other unwanted organisms can live up to your sheets if they’re not washed at least once a week. So to avoid this, wash your sheets at least every week, or replace them with fresh and clean ones. Besides, who wouldn’t want to sleep in with clean sheets?  

4. Clean your room

Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a College Dorm 

Keeping your room clean is a helpful skill not just in college but even when you grow old. Every now and then, wipe your study table, keyboards, laptop, and don’t keep old food or other trash in your room to avoid molds and other germs.  

5. Take your vitamins

Tips for Staying Healthy While Living in a College Dorm 

In college, you may forget to keep a healthy diet. There are times when you can’t avoid to eat pizza, or whatever fast food is available. Other times you’ll want to join parties and drink a bottle or two of beer.  

An alternative is to take multivitamins. While in college you should take good care of yourself, and if keeping a healthy diet and eating fresh fruits and vegetables is difficult, drink vitamins to ensure that your body is well taken care of.  

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